Birthday Unplugged

Hey, there, Spiritual Trailblazer! I am slowly settling in from my work/vacay to the Bahamas where I spoke at The Creativepreneur Summit At Sea and celebrated my birthday, which was 31 August. Shoutout to my Virgos! Fun fact, I was born two weeks late (my poor mom). I...
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The Charmed Diner En Blanc Experience (And how to have your own enchanting all-white party)

There’s a lot of mystery and excitement about Dîner En Blanc (DEB).  And, dare I say an air of love (especially when you hear the French music serenading you as you make your way to the secret location)? Dressing in your finest whites to celebrate life, friendship,...
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The Green Elixir That Will Change Your Life!

Full transparency here, Trailblazer, I used to be against the infamous green drink, in all its variations. I would make fun of the green drinkers because it seemed like everyone I met who drunk a green drink was doing it solely as a trend and for their social media...
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