No one wants to hit the restart button. Even though Staples made it look really cool, no one wants to go back to the drawing board. The raw truth is that sometimes we have to go back to the drawing board, we have to reexamine, and regroup. And, there’s no shame in having to do so. Actually, you’ll save yourself and your business in the long run.

In between acknowledging to hit that restart button and actually hitting it, are various thought processes that will either get you back on track or keep you in limbo. Let’s look at 5 quick ways to get us out of the funk of feeling discouraged when we did our best and it just didn’t work.

1. Talk about it to those who will help you

I don’t know exactly when it happened but for a lot of people, Facebook became Dear Abby and Dr. Phil.  In other words, I would see people post personal information often about their relationships or work to people who really couldn’t care less or couldn’t help them. People would like the status, type sending prayers, or write “inbox me, sis”.

What I have found to be more efficient is having a candid one-on-one with a professional with a great track record or someone who can actually help you. Talk with your success team and then get to work. Everyone doesn’t need to know your current frustration. People want to hear the frustration with the triumph anyway.

2. Get away

Sometimes the best solution is to just get away, clear your mind, meet new people, and breathe different air. There is something magical about going to an unfamiliar place. You don’t have to go far, travel to a city not far from where you’re located.

5 Quick Ways To Stop Feeling Discouraged In Your Business |

3. Look at what you have accomplished thus far

Do you remember how great you are? Your frustration comes from the fact you know what you have and what you’ve been doing is great but something is missing or needs to be tweaked. Keep track of your accomplishments to remind yourself that you’re not really hitting the reset button, you’re taking a second look at how you can make something good great.

4. If you’ve done it once, then you can do it again…with a bang!

When things don’t work out the way we want it to we sometimes think about throwing it away. Then we get in this slump, which causes a delay in us getting back in the game. Ask people questions about the content and products you put out there. Ask people who are familiar and not familiar with your work/industry. After you collect that data, you can tweak your material as needed and up the ante. Think of it as repurposing your material. So what if they may have seen it before. There are loads of people who are still waiting to find your work.

5. You’re still making waves

Above all else, you’re following your passion. You’re living life and gaining experiences that will make a cool story one day. Especially to someone who will be in your same exact shoes in the future. You can’t knock yourself for taking a hit while being in the game – its part of the territory and you’ll definitely be able to move on after you analyze what needs to be changed. 

5 Quick Ways To Stop Feeling Discouraged In Your Business |


  • You’ll be frustrated again and again. There will be times where the frustration comes from someone not holding up their end of the bargain. There will be times when something just doesn’t pan out the way you want to. Use this list as a reminder.
  • You’re peeling back the layers. Some discoveries of the reason for the frustration won’t happen until you peel back multiple layers. Then it’s at that time you’ll receive that moment of relief.
  • You’re still great. Social media can easily make people feel like they aren’t doing enough. Never mind that. Focus on your accomplishments.
  • This too shall pass. You’ll uncover the thing that you need to change, tweak, or delete. Afterward, you’ll be delighted that you found the solution to end that frustration and be proud that you, yes you, done it.

How do you get over frustration in your business? What point (or points?) will you implement?

Would you share with me in the comments below?

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