So you’re minding your business. You’re in your lane – being a productive person. You are doing alright. Next thing you know, you get an email that sets you off. Or, someone is being highly inconsiderate. Here’s a good one, someone is questioning your actions while on the road to greatness. You know those questions, those questions where they try to make you the bad the gal or try to make you feel bad for doing you. 

So, what’s the right response? Well, that’s a loaded question and it’s a case by case response. What I can express is it’s best to take a deep breath before you respond. The last thing you want to do is be in Super Saiyan mode when you don’t have to be. Yes, that’s a Dragon Ball Z reference.

What I can also express here are signs your body or Spirit sends you went you need a break. While we are on our path to greatness, we have unprecedented amounts of energy to burn but that requires an equal amount of recovery time aka rest and relaxation. Otherwise, we become frustrated at the simplest things and our bodies suffer.

Below are 7 signs to let you know that you need to make time for meditation pronto

1. You feel overworked

Just like a commercial, “Are you overworked and underpaid?” How about this one, “Are you overworked and paid handsomely?” Either way, you’ll hit a boiling point. The moment you feel overworked, you need to take a walk, a deep breath, a drink of water, etc. But I wrote meditation…Yes, but remember meditation means different things to different people. Your quick meditative break can be saying, “Om” a few times while taking deep breaths.

2. You zone out often while at work

I’m a daydreamer. I love imaging myself on a beach with a drink in my hand, sometimes by myself and sometimes with friends. But if you’re constantly daydreaming of better pastures or just zone out that’s an issue. Not being able to remain constantly present is a sign that you need to recenter yourself via meditation.

3. You imagine yourself choking someone

Let’s be honest. There’s someone who you wanted to slap or you have used the expression, “I could’ve choked him.” When you’ve reached a point where it’s becoming physical or you’re thinking about getting physical, meditate. Remove yourself from the situation and come back with a clearer mind and a recentered sense of self.

7 Signs You Need To Stop What You're Doing Now & Meditate | TiaMarieJohnson.com4. You see repetitive signs from Spirit

Spirit sends signs that would stand out to us. For example, you may see repetitive numbers like 111, 222, 333 or 111, 5252, 1234 (Think of the time 12:34). You may see pennies or feathers. Those signs have various meanings, from keep your vibration high to it’ll be okay and keep it simple. Another meaning can be to reflect on what that sign means to you, to slow down and really take in your environment.

5. The thought of someone boils your blood

Similar to #3, but this is in regards to the mere mention or thought of someone who is on your shit list. This is the time to acknowledge the thought and let it go; otherwise, that thought becomes a 20 minute (if not longer) thought aka rehashing aka scenario process that should not take space in your mind.

6. Your intuition is hitting towards taking a chill pill

Your intuition will let you know it’s time to meditate in favorable and unfavorable ways which can be stubbing your toe (unfavorable) or your significant other dancing with you (favorable). So, what does a stubbed toe and a dance have to do with mediating? Stubbing your toe is an aggressive call to action, a wake-up call, to sit down and tend to your needs. A dance with a lover is a mind shift; you’re mentally focusing on you, your lover, and the flow of the music. Below, I’ll list the various ways we can meditate.

7. People are telling you to take a break

This is a simple one. I know people telling you to take a break when you are trying to get things done is the worst possible thing to say. However, consider the source. Maybe you do need a break!


Okay, so how to meditate? That’s the $65,000 question. We’ll many ways. It’s really based on the person. Remember, meditating is about recentering yourself and being connected with Spirit. You gain mental clarity, rev up your energy or relax your energy.  You become in the flow of the universal energy and in sync with the world you want to create. Below is a list of many ways you meditate:

    • Reading
    • Dancing
    • Singing
    • Having sex
    • Going on vacation
    • Disconnecting from social media
    • Taking various deep breaths
    • Taking a bath
    • Driving
    • Talking candidly with a close friend
    • Saying “Om” receptively
    • Drinking water
    • Closing your eyes
    • Sleeping
    • Spending time in silence
    • Walking
    • Listening to a guided meditation

7 Signs You Need to Stop what what You're Doing Now & Meditate |


  • It’ll take some practice. Some people fall asleep if they try to meditate the Traditional way. Some people don’t like to dance. That’s okay. Find a style that works for you.
  • Meditating when you can’t leave the room. You’re at a meeting and someone triggers you. What do you do? Well, it starts with preparation. Do a few breathing exercises and get some fresh air before the meeting. While at the meeting, take a quick deep breath and close your eyes. Open your eyes, scan the room, and take a drink of water. Tell yourself you got this.
  • You’ll feel different. You may feel yourself actually vibrating. You may get a little chill and have to shake it off. This is a sign that you are shedding some of the energy and emotional blocks.
  • Things and people won’t get to you as easily. Because you’ve raised your vibration by consistently doing the meditation exercises, the things that used to annoy or trigger you won’t easily get to you.

How do you meditate? Which meditation exercises will you start doing? Let me know below in the comments section!

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