I love a good story of triumph. I love it, even more, when someone maintains that win, flourishes, and helps others. That’s exactly what Oprah has done and is doing to this day. Whether it’s on my podcast or in a conversation, I’m constantly telling people to learn about the background stories and mindsets of wildly successful people. Not only does it put things into perspective for the aspiring entrepreneur and spiritual trailblazer, it serves as a great big dose of reality.

In other words, a majority of the wildly successful people started from humble (some would say less than humble) beginnings and somehow stayed the course. They also constantly focus on their mindset and manifestation. Whether or not they believed that one day they would become an international icon, they knew that they had to keep on pushing. Achieving our goals begins with our mindset. So, let’s take a look at some of the many ways one of the world’s most beloved icons, Oprah Winfrey achieved her goals via her mindset.

She sees herself in her fans

Oprah gets that at the core we are seeking the same things, such as love, happiness, good health, and wealth. Being able to relate to people and understand that what works for her may not work for someone else and what works for someone else may not work for her. “truest highest vision of ourselves.

She has a gratitude journal

The universe will honor your thoughts. So she writes down what’s she’s grateful for every day.

Oprah has a team

From executive personal assistant to trainer and others, Oprah surrounds herself with her personalized success team.

Oprah learned boundaries and remains grounded

Learning to say “No” was weird for Oprah at one time. She’s a nice person who wanted to do good and be accepted. As she was beginning to become more financially stable, lots of people were asking her for money. Initially, she was happy to do so but there came a time where she had to establish boundaries that weren’t there previously. Once she became comfortable with saying “No” and focused on being grounded, it was as if she reaffirmed her power.

She has regular conversations with Spirit

Oprah consistently talks about how Spirit (she also says Allah, Buddha, etc) is always communicating with you and that we just have to be aware. So, we are never really alone. We have to tap into our spirituality.

She sends the elevator back down

She has helped several people get their shows, such as Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Suze Orman, and others

She quiets her mind and focuses on breath work

There are many interviews and speeches Oprah gave where she explains how quieting the mind to focus on your path and concentrating on breath work helps to stay in the moment. Watch the YouTube video here of various interviews and speeches of Oprah.

Oprah is consistently creating

Being able to grow is key in the route of being successful. Oprah transitioned from her talk show to owning a network. She also acts occasionally. Creating opportunities in the media, movies, and elsewhere contributed to her success. 

She doesn’t shy away from controversy

In true leadership form, Oprah addresses issues or stops the process and regroups.

What mindset approach will you take to achieve your goals like Oprah? Was any of the above a refresher for you? Let me know in the comment below.

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