Energy is everywhere and there are multiple forms of energy. Subtle energy is that thing you feel when you walk into a room and pick up the vibe of good or bad. Energy is that thing that makes you take a different way home. Your energy can be high or low. Your energy can also feel off, which is a weird in-between state of a disruption in the flow of the energy.

The point is that we are constantly being influenced by our environment; and, if we can maintain being conscious of these energies then we can better understand why our mood can change quickly when we meet someone or walk into a room. As a result, we can uncover the actual blockages that are holding us back from things like manifesting.

Before we clear the energy blocks, let’s talk about a few energies that we should get to know better.


Small inclination aka Subtle energy

Have you ever met someone or walked into a place that seemed nice but there was something about that person or place that you, without concrete evidence, feel uneasy or concerned? This is called subtle energy. As described in Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine on, subtle energy :

“It has been described as electromagnetic wavelengths, rates of vibration, patterns of pulsation – the dynamic infrastructure of the body. Each person has unique patterns of energy that are directly related to their health and well being. There are nine distinct energy systems: meridians, chakras, aura, Celtic weave, basic grid, five rhythms, triple warmer, strange flows, and electrics.”

Personal energy aka life force (Prana) energy

In Indian culture, prana is used to describe our personal power. Sanskrit for life force, this is the energy that you emit. You have to nurture and protect this energy. Think about what drains your energy and think about what gives you a second wind. When you’re personal energy is low, you’re not motivated. When your energy is at an all-time high, it seems like you can go for hours. Keep in mind that if your energy is very high, your body will need to recuperate. Ways to nurture and protect your energy include aligning your chakras, breath work, hatha yoga, and immersing yourself in nature.

Universal energy aka Reiki

One of my favorite energies, reiki literally translates into universal energy: Rei: universal and ki: energy. I’m a Reiki practitioner under the Usui method. Reiki originated in Japan and made it’s way to the United States via Hawaii by Mrs. Hawayo Takata, Reiki energy helps people to heal in multiple areas and raises the vibration of an area. Reiki energy is closely linked to the chakras. Symbols are also used in Reiki to magnify the energy.

Healing energy aka Mana

The Polynesian, Native Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islander cultures refer to healing or personal energy as Mana. Mana is sacred energy that can be found in humans and inanimate objects. Mana can be a healing energy and a restorative energy. It can also be an energy about respect and presence. Get in touch with our mana and the mana around you by having respect for all that’s around you, the earth, water, air, fire, plants, etc. Honor yourself and those around you.


Stagnant energy?

Which energy do you think this falls under. mana, Reiki, etc? Maybe you need to heal or maybe in you need to get into the universal flow of things. Ask yourself why your energy is stagnant. Are you too much into a routine? What can change in your routine? Is it time for a vacation? Do you need to change your hair, clothes, or environment?

Mind/writer’s block?

Need some motivation? Need to regroup? Maybe you just need a break and that’s it. Ask yourself if your thoughts are your thoughts. Is the writer’s block you’re having just a call to stop overwhelming yourself and take a break? Have you been closed-minded and need to be flexible?

Money energy

Money is also energy. When you receive a service, you render money and that exchange tells the person and the universe countless things. If you have the mindset that money requires hard work, is evil, will change you into this horrible person, etc. then you need to work with the energies mentioned above in addition with meditation, etc to get you into the money flow.


Find the root of the block and you will unblock it

Each block has a root. Sometimes, you can go around it. Other times, you will climb over that block. Every now and then, you’ll blast it out of this world. But you have to ask yourself question after question to get to the root, work with your personal and universal energies, and then you can manifest.


You’ve cleared the blocks! Congratulations! Now that you are clear with your mind and energy, you can be clear with want you are asking from the universe. The key to manifesting is to be precise, believe, and be proactive. Otherwise, you will manifest discord because you aren’t being honest, direct, and proactive. The universe will ALWAYS answer you, it just will be in divine timing and in the same vibration of the question you asked. So, if you want to manifest prosperity and love, you better be direct. Prosperity means different things to different people and love comes in many forms. You can’t go wrong when you are honest with yourself and the universe.


  • Doing this will require some practice. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. You’re unmasking years and sometimes decades worth of obsolete mindsets and concepts of energies.
  • Enjoy the process. You’ll be delighted in your progression.
  • Don’t be afraid to go deeper. You’re learning more about you and your abilities. You’re becoming stronger, smarter, and more in tuned with your surroundings.
  • You’ll become an inspiration to others. Whether people tell you it or not, you will inspire people by your actions.

How do you take care of your personal energy? Are you in the ebb and flow of the universe?

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