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Do You Make These 7 Common Mistakes in Life?

One of many things I have learned over the years is that common sense isn’t common. Sometimes, the reason for this is due to the fact that your common maybe different than what’s common for me. In other words, common practices like locking the doors and windows are...

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How To Achieve Your Goals Like Oprah

IMAGE: KEVIN WINTER/GETTY IMAGES I love a good story of triumph. I love it, even more, when someone maintains that win, flourishes, and helps others. That’s exactly what Oprah has done and is doing to this day. Whether it’s on my podcast or in a conversation, I’m...

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How To Clear Energy Blocks and Manifest

Energy is everywhere and there are multiple forms of energy. Subtle energy is that thing you feel when you walk into a room and pick up the vibe of good or bad. Energy is that thing that makes you take a different way home. Your energy can be high or low. Your energy...

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What Everyone Needs To Know About Their Dreams

A common response I receive from people when I discuss dreams is that they don’t dream. This is not true. As a Gateway Dreaming Practitioner, I’ve learned that everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers their dreams. In most cases, you forget your dreams seconds...

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How To Be Productive And Stop Overthinking

Before I learned that my detailed thought process had a name, I wore it like a badge of honor. I took pride in the ability that I ensured all of my ’T’s were crossed and ‘I’s dotted or that I thought of every possible scenario for a task. I wanted my website to have...

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5 Ways To Get Back To Your High Vibrating Self

What happens when we put tons of work into our spirituality but something happens to throw us off our A game? That time period where we just need to heal, cope, and plan. This can be from a myriad of situations, such as the result of a major life event, being fired...

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I am an intuitive healer, international speaker, and best-selling author. Tia loves helping spiritually centered people crack the code of their intuitive gifts & overcome energetic blocks.

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