A common question I get asked is if spirituality is wrong. When I was asked this at a recent talk I was giving, I was delighted to give an answer and have a conversation about spirituality. The answer is a resounding “No”. I know this may ruffle a few people’s feathers but the truth is spirituality only brings you closer to yourself, not the devil. Anytime I have come across someone who wholeheartedly denies spirituality it’s usually due to some deep seeded issue with them and not spirituality. I have seen memes that state yoga and meditation are paths to the devil. Really? I’ve only known good things to be a result of meditation and yoga. Now, if the devil’s sinister plan is to help people to be more in tune with their bodies and clear of the mind, then we are doomed for sure. If you are asking yourself: Is Spirituality vs. Religion wrong? Read on to help you discern for yourself.

I also want you to know that I spent most of my schooling in Catholic school. I wasn’t baptized as a Catholic but I studied Catholicism for years. I knew the Nicene and Apostles’ Creed by heart, I read the Bible, and knew the mysteries of the rosary. I loved learning about saints (Still do as I have a big book about saints). However, as I got older I felt like there was something else out there. Something that I couldn’t explain but I knew there was more. I later learned that something else was spirituality and I’m a better person for having discovered it. Also, note that this post is not about bashing religion. It’s about explaining spirituality and how it’s not a bad thing.


Let’s start with the basics. Another question I’m constantly is, “What is spirituality?” I explain spirituality as a per the person thing. In other words, for some people, spirituality is doing yoga, eating clean, being out in nature as often as possible, and meditating. On the other hand, it can be working with crystals and herbs, traveling, and practicing your intuition. Essentially, it’s a way of life, being conscious, and connected with all that is. Spirituality is what you make it for your highest good. While living a spiritual lifestyle, you become 100% responsible for your life, your happiness, and your actions.

Spirituality vs. Religion: Is it wrong? | Tia Johnson


We can go down a rabbit hole of how religion was established and the smear campaign that took place to stop people from leading a spiritual life. But that’s not the route I want to take here. I want to provide pointers to help those who are conflicted with spirituality because of their religious background. I encourage you to read historical texts and articles. You will discover how modern religion adapted the old ways because some practices were too hard to remove from society.


Spirituality vs. Religion: Is it wrong? | Tia Johnson

The particular question at the talk I gave that sparked this post was about using crystals and if that was wrong. I explained to the lady that it’s not wrong and we use crystals daily without realizing it so why not use them for healing? We use crystals for engagement rings. Televisions, computers, phones, watches, and scanners have crystals. While I’m all for using crystals to help the healing process, I believe in using crystals in addition to using western medicine. So, meditate while holding a crystal and still see your doctor if you’re having migraines.

Everyone has intuition. Whether you call it women’s intuition or just a hunch, it’s intuition. It’s innate. Our intuition helps us to navigate through life. Why wouldn’t we want to understand something that comes from within and helps us in life? There’s no need to be afraid. Your intuition will never lead you to do something bad. The more you understand how your intuition works, the better you will understand yourself.


Spirituality vs. Religion: Is it wrong? | Tia Johnson


One day I will talk about my choice for choosing spirituality in a separate post. For now I’ll provide the cliff notes. After the deaths of my grandparent’s, I went on a two-year (What I later discovered to be) spiritual healing journey. That journey helped me to understand aka put a name to the things I experienced as a child, such as visions and premonition dreams. It just clicked and I’ve been able to help people understand their intuition and spiritual gifts. People constantly tell me about their feelings or dreams. And, I’m honored that they trust me to help them understand what they are experiencing.


  • There are many ways to answer this question, especially since there are various paths of spirituality. However, here are a few indications that spirituality is a good fit for you:
  • You constantly have a feeling that there’s more than what you’ve learned or know.
  • Your BS meter goes off when people try to force religion on you or it just doesn’t resonate with you anymore.
  • You feel super connected to nature (forest, beach, mountains, park), animals, flowers, or just a general connection to all.
  • You start to “get” the things, people, and situations in your life.
  • You progressively knock down obsolete believe systems and just go for it.
  • You had an awakening of sorts where things just became clearer, you have an idea of what to do, and you’re challenging yourself.


Spirituality vs. Religion: Is it wrong? | Tia Johnson

  • Spirituality is not for the faint of heart. You will uncover many things about spirituality that will make you mad because you will learn how historical figures played off of people’s fear to make spirituality seem like it’s bad.
  • Religion works for some people and that’s okay. Spirituality isn’t for everyone. Religion is very structured and some people like that.
  • Your curiosity will get the best of you. Your thirst for spiritual knowledge and understanding will prompt you to read and watch as much material as you can. Remember that you still have to live. Make time to have fun.
  • Once you learn more about spirituality you will want to go on a debunking mission. You will want to tell people how they are practicing spirituality and don’t realize it because it was renamed by main religion. For example, Reiki was renamed as laying on of the hands because reiki was deemed bad.

What are your thoughts on Spirituality vs. Religion? Tell me in the comments below:

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