Spring brings the vibe of new beginnings, such as the beginning of life cycles (I’m thinking leaves on trees and flowers) and trying new things. There’s that sense of it’s time for something new. There are roughly 90 days between Spring and Summer (My favorite time of the year followed by Fall). Currently, we are about 85 days away from Summer. Last week’s post, Spring Clean Your Life In 7 Effortless Ways, was about 7 quick things you can do to make room for the new. After all, where is there room for something, or someone, new when you have a bunch of old stuff around? This post is a bit more intense because this is something that will be accomplished over the remainder of Spring. You can also download the list below here. Read on for the Checklist: 40 Must Do Things During Spring.

Springtime Checklist | www.TiaMarieJohnson.com

  1. Buy flowers
  2. Have a Springtime drink
  3. Buy new clothes
  4. Take a money management course
  5. Start that blog, podcast, or business
  6. Go for a hike
  7. Bake cupcakes
  8. Have a picnic
  9. Grab a cup of matcha with coconut milk and be a tourist in your city
  10. Start a travel or food journal
  11. Create your own tea party
  12. Spend a day taste testing appetizers at different restaurants
  13. Go to the zoo
  14. Visit museums in your area
  15. Plan a week long vacation
  16. Turn your phone off for 3 hours
  17. Go to a fair, flea market, or carnival
  18. Dance in the rain (Talk about an emotional release!)
  19. Have a BBQ
  20. Do something from your childhood like jump rope or hopscotch
  21. Start a conversation with a stranger
  22. Give up something for 30 days
  23. Buy a lipstick that POPs!
  24. Map out weekly brunch spots
  25. Start a DIY project
  26. Go berry picking
  27. Go bike riding
  28. April is Global Astronomy month-star glaze
  29. April is National Donate A Life month- donate blood
  30. Cherry Blossom festival 3/20 – 4/5
  31. World Irish Dancing week 3/24 – 4/1
  32. Create a scrapbook
  33. WHO Day 4/7- Get a checkup
  34. National Pecan Day 4/14
  35. Malbec World Day 4/17
  36. Visit a vineyard
  37. International Haiku Poetry Day- write a Haiku
  38. Sauvignon Blanc Day 4/24
  39. National Sm Biz wk- 4/29 -5/5
  40. Do a Spring bar crawl

Springtime Checklist | www.TiaMarieJohnson.com


  • Somethings can carry over to the Summertime. You may have noticed numbers 30, 31, 33-35, and 37-39 are in bold. That’s because they are time sensitive. Really make an effort to do something that’s time sensitive. It makes it more special because you won’t take it for granted. This is similar to when someone isn’t always available versus someone who constantly makes themselves available. Who’s time are you going to value more?
  • You can do any of the above by yourself or with people. With the exception of the bar crawl, which could be boring by yourself unless you’re an out-going person, I picked things that you can do by yourself, with one other person or a group of people.
  • You can tackle this list any way you want. You can make a game out of it and create a list for yourself for the Summer.
  • You can do one activity more than once. Try an activity by yourself and then try it again with a group.

Tell me in the comments below, which are you excited to try?

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