A common response I receive from people when I discuss dreams is that they don’t dream. This is not true. As a Gateway Dreaming Practitioner, I’ve learned that everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers their dreams. In most cases, you forget your dreams seconds after you wake up. Two main reasons why this happens is because our minds become distracted due to alarms abruptly waking us up and not training our minds to remember our dreams.

Nevertheless, our dreams are a wealth of knowledge! Below, I’m going to give you tips to help you remember your dreams and tell you things that about your dreams that will help you understand yourself and your waking life situations better. Also, check out this episode on The Spiritual & Empowerment Living With Tia podcast #142 Dream Talk. Read on to discover What Everyone Needs to Know About Their Dreams.

1. You absolutely have dreams. Here’s how to remember them.

As I mentioned above, everyone dreams and we just have to train our minds to remember our dreams. Before you go to sleep, say repeatedly, “I will remember my dreams in its entirety.” This will trigger your mind to keep the memory at the surface aka conscious mind well after you wake up. It’ll take a few nights but you will start to remember  your dreams. Make sure you have a pen and pad nearby or use the note section in your phone to write it down. This will also help you to remember your dreams.

2. It’s very important to remember our dreams

Our dreams have messages for us regarding various concerns. Dream time messages come from our subconscious, Spirit, and spiritual beings. Some messages provide a heads up about situations, some messages are premonitions, and other dreams can provide the answers we seek.

3. The language of dreams is symbolic

Sometimes dreams can be confusing. For example, some characters and inanimate objects that appear in our dreams are doing something crazy or is located in a weird place, such as a black cat sleeping in a refrigerator. Know that everything in your dream has a meaning and it may not be the meaning you think, such as the meaning of a black cat being evil (FYI not true). So it’s best to search for meanings of what you see in your dreams.

4. Having a repeat dream?

Some of my clients have the same dream at the same time every year while others have the same dream throughout the year. Having a repeat dream means that there is something going on at the waking life level that needs your attention. For example, for one client we were able to ascertain why she kept having the same dream during the same time of the year. Once we peeled back the layers to find the emotional connection, she stop having those dreams.

What Everyone Needs To Know About Their Dreams | Tia Johnson

5. No, you will not die if you fall in your dream

A common question I get asked is, “Will I die if I fall in a dream?” No, but you will definitely be startled. After all, we are born with two fears: falling and loud noises. Other questions are about home break-ins and other unfortunate life situations. Those dreams are dreams that take form due to our need to be cautious and protect ourselves (more women than men ask me about these kind of dreams). Some people think that these could be premonition dreams. In most cases, you’ll have the same dream at least twice for it to be a premonition dream.

6. Yes, the colors you see in your dreams matter

The colors you see in your dreams have meanings as well by itself or in association with the chakras. Take note of the colors you see in your dreams, look up the definitions, reflect on what the colors mean to you, and look up the chakra associated with that color to discover the meaning.

7. Yes, sleeping with a book, crystal, or having the TV on influences your dreams

Just like it’s important to be conscious of your thoughts when you first wake up in the morning, it’s equally as important to be conscious of your thoughts (and surroundings) as you go to bed. If you’re watching the news or a horror movie, then you’re more likely to have unfavorable dreams. However, if you have a spiritual book or crystals that promote dreams, then you’re more likely to have favorable dreams. A reason for this is due to the vibrations. We are more sensitive at night as we wind down and our subconscious minds take over.

What Everyone Needs To Know About Their Dreams | Tia Johnson


  • You will have to practice this for a while. In the beginning, you may remember snippets of your dreams. Give it some time and you’ll be remembering your dreams like a champ!
  • You’ll be surprise what you uncover. You’ll become more comfortable with understanding your dreams, it won’t be this scary process.
  • More things will make sense. You’ll trust the divine process the more you interpret your dreams.
  • Some dreams will still confuse you.  You’ll just have to do a little more research and let the answer unravel over time.

Do you remember your dreams? What kind of dreams have you been having lately? Share in the comments below.

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