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Magickal Days Of The Week: Tuesday

Tuesday is named after the Norse deity of battles and courage Tiw, which is also spelled as Tyr or Tiu. Tiw is similar to the Roman god of war Mars. Long story short, Dies Martis (Marsday) became Tiwesdaeg became Tuesday. How’s that for a Jeopardy question and answer?...

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Magickal Days Of The Week: Monday

Monday, named after the moon, invokes lunar energies of inspiration, illusion, prophetic dreams, emotions, psychic abilities, travel, women's mysteries, and fertility. Once upon a time, Monday was Moon’s day (Dies Lunae in Latin), Monandaeg (Old English) and Hermera...

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Here’s Why Your Spell Didn’t Work

How frustrating it is for a spell NOT to work, especially when we took the time to cast a spell during the proper planetary alignment, showered and put on ritual clothing, and created an amazing altar. Here’s the thing, there are many reasons why a spell didn’t work,...

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Happy Witches’ New Year

Samhain aka the Witches’ New Year is finally here! Season of the witch is my favorite time of the year. I can feel the goddess more, it feels more magickal, and I’m excited to think about what the new year will bring! Samhain, which is known to some as Halloween, is...

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Every Woman Is A Goddess, Which One Are You?

There are many goddesses; some walked the Earth at one point and others remained in the spiritual realm.  Since there are so many goddesses and every woman is a goddess, three major questions would be, “what exactly is a goddess, what does a goddess do, and how can I...

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5 Mindset Secrets Every Goddess Should Know

A while ago, I was meditating and looking for more guidance about my life purpose. What I have realized is that part of my life purpose is to help women remember who they are - Goddesses. They are amazing women with amazing abilities who can accomplish amazing things....

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