Recharging isn’t just something that we should do from time to time, it’s a non-negotiable that has to be done regularly. Depending on the recharge, that regularly can be daily, weekly,  bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, annually or bi-annually. The main thing is that we make time for this and maintain it. We don’t have to thoroughly justify it. It’s a simple “I need me time.” This is a special time where you also put people on notice to not to disturb you unless it’s an emergency. Below are some sure-fire ways for you to let that goddess energy flow and recharge.


10 Must Have Resources For Any Goddess Looking To Recharge

Goddess Time

Setting aside time each day for yourself and to learn more about spirituality is paramount. It can be a power nap in the afternoon, downtime in the evening` or moments to yourself to enjoy your coffee in silent in the morning as time to yourself. This is undisturbed time for you to be in your chill zone.

Goddess Retreat

There is nothing like being in the room with like-minded individuals who help you to elevate in life. This is another form of “Goddess Time” but with people who are rooting for your successes and breakthroughs.

Getting rid of old stuff

Old stuff like clothes and any old thing that takes up space is just energetically holding you back. What energetically holds you back will eventually mentally and physically hold you back. For example, have you ever walked into a cluttered space and became overwhelmed with the room and the work that has to be done? Free up that space and your mental sanity in the process.


10 Must Have Resources For Any Goddess Looking To Recharge

Comfort Food

We all need it from time to time.

Your Go-To Drink

Some goddesses have their go-to latte, coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverage and there’s nothing wrong with any of them. It’s a nice add on to your chill moment or whatever the occasion.

Your Personal Sacred Space

This is a sacred space in your house that can be a table you design, a table that becomes your altar, your room, whatever the case may be. The point is it’s something that you claim as yours and it brings you things like comfort, peace, or creativity.


10 Must Have Resources For Any Goddess Looking To Recharge

Your Personal Sacred Go-To Place

While you have a space with your name on it at home, you may also want to think about a go-to travel place. It’s a nice getaway where you may pick an all-inclusive and don’t have to worry about food and drink. Maybe your place is a nice Airbnb place in a country with a lot of historical value. There’s something about getting out of what you’re familiar with daily and going on a trip.

Goddess Counsel

This is a set of close friends, who really become family, who you trust to help you when you need to make big decisions that you’re unsure of or whatever the case may be. These are the group of people who want to see you succeed no matter what.

Goddess Journal

Getting our thoughts and feelings on paper will help us to get out of our heads. Sometimes we overthink situations. Other times we need to write it down and reflect on it later. Writing about our experiences also helps us to see our growth.


Listening to podcasts is a great way to receive entertainment and knowledge while we are on the go.


10 Must Have Resources For Any Goddess Looking To Recharge


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