We have gifts within us just waiting to be released for us to be amazed and for the world to acknowledge. Some gifts are more prominent than others. For example, you may be an excellent singer but what some people don’t know is that you’re also a great dancer who competes in dance competitions. Other gifts are unknowingly buried within us and need to come out. 

Let’s look at how we can turn up the volume on those goddess gifts.

10 Ways To Turn Up The Volume On Your Goddess Gifts | Tia Johnson

  1. Believe in your own magic.
  2. Embrace curiosity.
  3. Do more of what ignites you.
  4. Be willing to go on a solo adventure.
  5. Feed your mind.
  6. Have dance parties.
  7. Spend time by the ocean/nature/mountain.
  8. Consult the goddesses.
  9. Do something magical.
  10. Remember what you are capable of.

10 Ways To Turn Up The Volume On Your Goddess Gifts | Tia Johnson

You can do any of the above throughout the day, week, or month. It’s about the process and unraveling more of you. Write down your progress in a journal or the notes section in your phone and reflect on them once a week. Make sure that you are also defining what I mentioned above for yourself. For example, to consult with the goddess you could get goddess oracle card deck or meditate with a goddess in mind. Another thing you can do is to define what doing something magical is, such as baking a cake or hosting a party. The main thing is that you create the world you want to live in by allowing the very essence within to be unleashed.

10 Ways To Turn Up The Volume On Your Goddess Gifts | Tia Johnson

Which point will you start with today? Post below.

Let me know in the comments below!

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