A while ago, I was meditating and looking for more guidance about my life purpose. What I have realized is that part of my life purpose is to help women remember who they are – Goddesses. They are amazing women with amazing abilities who can accomplish amazing things. It sounds great on paper and it sounds great reading it out loud. However, there are a myriad of mindset roadblocks to overcome.

Some roadblocks are societal, such as the group thought of being married, owning a home, having 2.5 kids, a dog before 30 or else you’re a spinster. Some roadblocks are generational, such as the other group thought belief of the role of a woman- to be the “good” everything and to do everything for the home, except for the finances because that’s a man’s job. My point is there are many mindsets that have hindered our growth on many levels. The major result is that we end up giving away our power and our beliefs of what WE can do. Below are some reminders of who we are and all that jazz.

1. Remember Who You Are

You are capable of so much! You have accomplished so much and there is still so much for you to do. Life happens and we doubt ourselves. That’s okay. We just have to reroute our thinking and tweak what we are doing. Write down 10 words that best describe you and say those words every day throughout the day starting with “I am.” So, you would say, “I am a leader.” Saying I am is making a claim to the universe so whatever you say after that is what you are certifying as being true. This is also a good time to listen to podcasts and read books about life purpose, past lives, spiritual gifts and more.

5 Mindset Secrets Every Goddess Should Know | TIa Johnson

2. Remember What You Are Capable Of

Chances are if you’re reading this post you are an older woman, have an old soul, or just have been through a lot. In other words, you have accomplished many things over your lifetime. I also want to note here that it doesn’t always have to be a negative event that causes us to doubt what we are capable of doing. We could have received a promotion at work and we are doubting what we can handle at that level. Make a list (don’t stop until you can’t think of anything to add and then come back to add more to the list) of ALL the things you have accomplished big and small. Did the laundry? Write it on the list and date it. Graduated with your Master’s degree? Add it to the list and date it. Purchased a good bra that you badly needed? List it and date it. Why the dates? So you can see your growth, short and long term. And, that will serve as an indicator of what you’re capable of in the future.

3. Remember The Resources You Have

You are never alone. Whatever you want to do in life, there is someone who wants to help it’s just a matter of finding, aka attracting via being proactive and not giving up, that person, people, video, book, or something in your home. You don’t always need a bunch of things or people around you to accomplished something. At times, you may just need yourself and to keep it simple. Don’t discount what you already have, what can be repurposed, or is multifunctional.

5 Mindset Secrets Every Goddess Should Know | TIa Johnson

4. Remember What You Have Done In The Past

This point ties into #3 where we addressed what you have accomplished in the past. However, we are taking it a step further here. What are the things you have done in the past that you almost didn’t accomplish? What were the things you’ve done in the past that tested you on multiple levels? What are the things you have accomplished that at the time you thought wasn’t worth it but it proved to be worthy? This is important to remember because there will always be a reason not to continue with doing something. Yes, you can save more money if you didn’t travel but maybe that’s the very thing you need to do for your personal self-care, adventure, and satisfaction. Yes, you can save more money and not take classes at night. But what if that’s the very thing you need to live your purpose and meet the right people? Remembering what you have done in the past will only help you to remember who you are and what you are capable of.

5. Remember The “Miracle” Factor

One thing to always remember that some things are out of our control and Spirit is working its magic in the background and through people and music to help us. Do the work and allow room for miracles to happen!

5 Mindset Secrets Every Goddess Should Know | TIa Johnson

Which “remembering will you do today? Post below.

Let me know in the comments below!

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