Dealing with our emotions is a very interesting thing because sometimes we don’t know why we are experiencing an emotion, such as when we become easily irritated right before our menstrual cycle. Then there are times that we brace ourselves for when our emotions are heightened like during the full moon phase but need direction oh how to exactly deal with what we are feeling.  This quick list is to help you “deal” with emotions when you can’t lay at home and watch Netflix when you can lay at home and watch Netflix, and anything in between.

1. Give in to yourself

You’re having a moment and you’re craving a Cinnabon, ice cream, or something else that you know is unhealthy or something that you normally wouldn’t eat or drink when you’re your normal self. It’s okay. Have the damn doughnut. Give yourself some leeway. It’s temporary and you can make it a small treat. This isn’t about going crazy and overloading on sugars. This is about not taking yourself too seriously. This could also be a cry from your inner self to take a break from the norm because you’ve been on “go” for so long. It may not be about the doughnut at all.

2. The pep talk

Give yourself a pep talk in the morning. Have a go-to pep talk that you can say to yourself on-the-spot when someone is annoying you. Come up with a pep talk that can reel you back in.

3. Just say it

My Pop-Pop told me years ago that it’s not what you say but how you say it. Sometimes, you just need to get it off your chest. You need to tell how you feel and how others make you feel. You need to say now is not a good time or no or whatever it is you need to say. You can say it firmly and candidly. If someone takes offense to you being honest and still professional, then that’s their problem.

4. Act out

Stomp, dance, cry, sing, box, scream, write, talk, paint, drive. Do something to release that emotion in a creative way. Whenever I’m fed up about something, I talk about it to some family members and my bestie. I also literally stomp my feet and even have a conversation about how I can make something better or I just yell about it if it’s out of my control. Yes, it may seem childish to stomp but I feel like I’m stomping out the problem!

5. Smell coffee

I realized about a year ago that I feel so calm when I inhale my coffee. It’s downright soothing! I drink my coffee black so I get that original coffee smell. I found out later that studies have shown there are therapeutic benefits from smelling a good ol’ cup of joe! So, even if you don’t like drinking coffee, go somewhere that permits you to at least smell it!

How do you manage your emotions? Which one of the points will you implement today?

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