If you ask five people what manifestation means to them, you’ll most likely hear law of attraction, getting what you want by putting a vibe out there, and visualization. While all of that is true, the ability to manifest goes much deeper than that. Manifestation “works” when our belief systems, activities, emotions, and spaces are up to par. We have to do an audit of these areas in our lives. Once we adjust those areas to be on a positive wave length of endless possibilities for our better good, we will be a pro at manifesting and will be able to manifest rapidly.

5 Things You Need To Remember About Manifestation | Tia Johnson

1. What are your belief systems and are they still valid?
In other words, if a belief system we have is rich people get richer and poor people get poorer, then we aren’t focusing on our growth. After all, that’s a blanket statement because some rich people lose all of their money and some poor people discover ways to come out of poverty. As yourself the following questions:
• Is this belief true?
• Does this apply to me?
• Is this belief setting me on a path of self-empowerment and expression for my highest good?

2. How are you showing up in life?
If we aren’t being proactive in our lives, then we aren’t expanding. One action leads to the next action that will direct us on how to level up. We can’t manifest by being stationary. Do you approach situations with open arms and adventure or are you more stand-offish? The energy you put out there is what gets received. So, if you are playing the blame game or not giving something your all, you are telling the universe mixed signals. Remember, the universe doesn’t question what you want, it just makes the deliveries.

3. Your emotions fuel the fire
Anytime we are emotionally invested we expect more in return. Think about when you purchase something for $100 versus $10. If you purchase a shirt for $10 and it doesn’t last long, you’re not that upset about it because you only paid $10 aka not that invested. However, if you were only able to wear the $100 shirt twice and had to throw it away you would be a little upset because you didn’t get your money’s worth aka more invested. When it comes to manifesting, how emotionally charged we are at the time were are thinking about the concept we want to attract is a major factor in how quickly we manifest.

5 Things You Need To Remember About Manifestation | Tia Johnson

4. Declutter your mind and environment
Declutter your mind, your physical environment, and the environment of the people with whom you spend the most time. Decluttering your mind involves examining your belief systems. However, it also involves examining how you talk to yourself and the permissions you grant yourself. Are you your personal cheerleader or hater? Do you allow yourself to be you or wear a mask? You may discover that speaking to a therapist and writing in a password protected journal are worth a try.

I get that life happens and the house gets a little junky with clothes and shoes being at random places. However, we have to be diligent about keeping our home, car, and office space neat and clean. Think of it like this: you need room for your manifestation, especially if it’s a big one! When you declutter, you release, you heal, you reminisce, you let go, and you move on. Yes, even the nice thing that’s taking up space in your office and has no real purpose needs to go. These are the hidden things that are holding you back, similar to large files in your computer that you have since forgotten about but need to be deleted because they are taking up too much space.

Out of the three, the removal of negative people from our lives tends to be the hardest. A main reason for this is because sometimes it’s a close family member or a friend who we have known for a long time. I’m here to tell you that your happiest (and sanity) is more important than playing nice to people who are hindering your growth.

5. What do you really want?
Make sure that you are focusing on what you truly want and not what you think you need because this is a set up. For example, don’t go into overdrive to manifest a boyfriend because all of your friends have a boyfriend. Do you really want a boyfriend? Are you really ready for a relationship? Have a serious talk with yourself and don’t put a limit to what you want to really manifest, be open-minded and leave your request open-ended by saying, “This or something better.” Pay attention to how you feel when you are thinking about what you want to manifest. Also, say it out loud a few time to hear how it sounds. You may think that it’s not right for you and tweak your thought process.

What have you manifested lately? Which reminder was the most helpful?

Let me know in the comments below!

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