Just like there are many types of witches, there are many circumstances where witches can be fully out of the broom closet, have to stay way in the broom closet, or be somewhere in between.  Sometimes, being undercover is due to our living circumstances or wanting to keep it private, it’s not always a confidence issue but more of a safety and protecting our personal power. If it is a confidence issue, you’ll gain your confidence overtime with knowledge, I promise! With that being said…er written, let’s begin with the 7 tips for when you have to be an undercover witch!

7 Tips For When You Have To Be An Undercover Witch

Witch Tip #1: Use Your Finger As A Wand

Who said you need a wand? First and foremost, our ancestors used their fingers! Surely, we can use our fingers as well. You want to use the pointer finger of your dominant hand. So, if you’re a lefty, use your left pointer finger. If you’re a righty, use your right pointer finger. If you’re ambidextrous like me, go with what you feel at the moment! Remember, with all that we do, it’s our intent, emotions, and imagination that fuels the power behind anything we cast. Using our fingers is a more discrete way to direct the energy of your spell because people aren’t expecting you twirling your finger as a form of casting a spell, especially if you’re twirling your finger with your arm by the side of your waist!

Witch Tip #2: Ask For Goddesses, Angels, etc To Go “Before You” In A Situation

I love asking certain goddesses and even angels to go before me to a place or for a situation. What I mean is that if I have to deal with someone who I rather not be in their presence, I ask that the goddesses or angels act as a buffer before I even set foot in the room. They are clearing the area. When I do this, many things have benefited me from them not showing up to the meeting being rescheduled.

Witch Tip #3: Create A Witchy Playlist

There’s nothing like music to put me in a good mood, give me a bit of courage to keep pushing and get inspired. Life plays tricks on us where we forget who we are. Having a witchy playlist will help us to stay in that high vibin’ witchy “I know who the hell I am and what I’m capable of mode.” This is especially helpful to drown out muggle talk when they are trying to tell us how to live our lives. You can google “top witch/witchy songs”. I will have blog posts coming soon with my witchy playlist. Stay tuned!

7 Tips For When You Have To Be An Undercover Witch

Witch Tip #4: Place You Crystal In Your Bra When You Can’t Wear It As Jewelry

For the most part, we can get many crystals in the form of a ring, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. However, there are some that we can’t get in those forms. So what are we to do? Place them in your bra or pockets. You can even put your hair in a bun and put a crystal in the bun! You want to get the crystals that are tumbled aka smoothed out and rounded so that it won’t cut you. When you’re done wearing them for the day, place them in a secret place that someone won’t find them.

Witch Tip #5: Use Your Breath To “Give Life” To A Spell

Another cool way to do spells and do it discretely is to use your breath. Our breath is a symbol of life. Without the ability to breathe, we are no longer living. So, when you cast a spell, whether you’re using your finger or talking, you can give it an extra oomph by adding your breath. Even if you can’t use your finger or talk at the time, you can purse your lips and slowly exhale. While you’re exhaling, imagine your breath leaving your body in a serpentine fashion to where you want to direct it while thinking of your spell.

7 Tips For When You Have To Be An Undercover Witch

Witch Tip #6: Invest In eBooks

I’m a lover of holding a book in my hand, enjoying the aroma of a freshly opened hardback book, and, occasionally, underlining sentences throughout the book. However, we are focusing on being undercover. And, sometimes just taking the cover off the work, won’t it. So, we can’t have a bunch of witchcraft and other associated books laying around. Therefore, we have to invest in the next best thing: ebooks or audibles. Your ebooks get sent to your Kindle or Nook app which is a good start. Next, you can create a pod of apps inbox on your phone, name the box “Education”, and place the Nook/Kindle app there as a way to disguise the app. This way no one is tempted to see what you’re reading!

Witch Tip #7: Use Bicycle Card In Lieu Of Tarot Cards

When tarot cards became illegal, playing cards were used as substitutes. Give yourself daily reading under the guise of using the Bicycle playing card. Below shows which suits of the tarot deck correspond to the playing cards.

Pentacles = Diamonds

Wands = Clubs

Cups = Hearts

Swords = Spades

7 Tips For When You Have To Be An Undercover Witch

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