We have rituals. Some rituals are daily while others are yearly. I’m all for rituals, but one ritual I can’t get on board with is the yearly one of making a resolution for the new year. I wrote a blog post years ago on my old blog website about why making a New Year’s resolution is not for the betterment of our lives. The footnote to that post is that we set these lofty goals without doing the proper self-evaluation to ascertain if we can achieve them given X amount of time.

Because some of us tend to set a lofty goal, such as making a resolution to hit the gym hardcore and expect phenomenal results in about a month, without thinking about our lifestyle, how many days we can actually go to the gym, and our eating habits, the resolution “fails”.

In actuality, it’s not the resolution that failed. It’s the parameters that were set for the resolution that didn’t work. So, before we fall into the trap of making some crazy commitment and join the “New Year, New Me” train, let’s do a self-evaluation and figure out how we really want to take on 2019. P.S. Check out last week’s podcast episode, The Best of 2018. It’ll also help you usher in the New Year. P.P.S. The number 9 means to take massive action now. So, let’s get into 2019 mode. Let this be our best year yet!!

1. What do I really want to see come to fruition in 2019?

What do you really want? Ask yourself a serious of questions to help you figure out what you really want and to make sure that what you want isn’t something you think you need because you saw it on a social media platform or because of FOMO. Ask yourself these questions to get to the bare bones of what you truly want to see happen in 2019:

      1. What do I want to see come to fruition in 2019?
      2. Why do I want to see X manifest in 2019?
      3. How will it impact my life?
      4. What does that mean to me on a deeper level?
      5. What will I do after X happens?

2. Am I truly up for the journey of making X happen?

Anything that was ever worth something never came easily. When we earn it, whether it is, we feel better about it. There’s something about having grit and making stuff happen. We earn badges of respect and admiration. But we have to want it. If we want something to happen but it doesn’t come from the heart (think of people who want to get married for the wedding day or just to say that they are married), then it won’t last and we’ll find every excuse to complain. However, if we are truly up for the journey of making our goals become a reality and it’s coming from the heart, then we will always find a way. It won’t matter how many times we fall down. All that matters is that we will find reasons to get back up and get back in the arena.

9 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before New Year’s Eve | Tia Johnson

3. What’s my theme for 2019?

Having a word or a theme for the year will help you to keep perspective of what you are looking to accomplish. For example, my word for 2018 is unapologetic. I’m unapologetically living my life as a spiritual healer who has tattoos, travels, cuss, drinks, dance, eat meat, and all that jazz. I only say sorry if I bump into someone or if it’s warranted. I don’t say sorry at random times, like what some women tend to do. I don’t play small. I’m focused on taking calculated risks. I’m focused on having as many wonderful positive life experiences as possible. Whenever I hear that little voice of doubt try to creep up, I remember my word for the year and go for it. 

4. What’s getting voted off the island aka you didn’t make the 2019 cut.

What will you leave behind in 2018? Sometimes it WHO will you leave behind in 2018 and there’s nothing wrong with that. At times, we outgrow people, we are ready to shed the old version of us, or we are just over other things and it’s time to move on. There’s nothing wrong with letting go of things and people that aren’t adding value to your life. Forget that false sense of loyalty because you’ve known that person since grade school or they helped you that one time in a big way. You’re not forever indebted to anyone of that sort.

9 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before New Year’s Eve | Tia Johnson

5. What are three things I can focus on for the first 90 days in 2019?

There’s power in focusing on something for a 90 day period. I don’t exactly get why 90 is the magic number but it’s true. There is so much that needs to be done but we can’t focus on them all so make time to write out a top ten list then tackle no more than 5 things at a time. If you feel like 5 is too much, then dial it back to 2 or 3 things for 90 days. The way you prioritize is completely up to you.

For example, you may want to focus on the big tasks first to get that out the way, which could be talking with a financial planner, hiring a trainer, and getting your blood tested. On the other hand, you could focus on something a bit easier like buying healthier foods, choosing to stay in more, or drinking more water. Just start where you can, work from there, and remember to stay focus with just the 3-5 topics. By the way, you can continue past the 90 days but you have to focus on it hardcore for 90 days. After the 90 days, it naturally becomes part of your day-to-day activities.

6. What did and didn’t work for me in 2018?

Make a list of what did and did not work for you this year. By creating those lists, you can see what you want to keep and maybe up the ante on, let complete go, or tweak a little bit to give it a second try. Another reason for the lists is because it’s easy for us to do things and move on to the next one without properly examining that experience. So be honest with yourself when creating the list and make your final decisions.

9 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before New Year’s Eve | Tia Johnson

7. What’s a habit that’s holding me back?

In a previous post 7 Habits To Stop Now If You Want To Be Productive In Business & In Life, I discussed habits that hold us back that we may not be aware of. So, ask yourself what are some habits you have that seem harmless but takes up too much of your time, money, or energy? Knowing your good, bad, and so-called harmless aka neutral habits will make a world of a difference when it comes to meeting and even surpassing your goals.

8. Should I create a vision board?

Creating a vision board is the bee’s knees. However, vision boards (also known as dream boards, manifestation boards, etc.) work only if you work. In other words, your mind, heart, and soul have to be in it to win it. If you put on your vision board a picture of a couple in love but deep down inside you don’t know if you’re worthy of love, then it’s not going to work. Vision boards are GREAT visual aids, but inner work has to be done first or in process. Otherwise, just like the so-called failed resolution, the vision board doesn’t doesn’t work. So, yes, you should create a vision board but only if you are willing to work on your subconscious and other aspects of self.

9 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before New Year’s Eve | Tia Johnson

9. What areas in my life do I need to focus on the most?

This point somewhat ties into #5 because it’s something that you are going to be focusing on. But I really want you to think about the one thing above all else you need to work on so by this time in 2019 you can say mission accomplished.

9 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before New Year’s Eve | Tia Johnson

Which question will you begin with? Let me know in the comments below!

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