Manifesting our desires is such a sensitive undertaking because our emotions and belief systems fuel how fast we manifest, among other things. Being aware of our thoughts and feelings as well as doing work to understand our subconscious will help us to uncover exactly what we need to focus on. Manifesting is supposed to be easy. However, we live in a world that’s demanding, and causes us to ride the emotional rollercoaster. Therefore, every now and then, we need boosters to help us. Let’s dive into what booster we can use to help make the manifestation process smoother.

Boost Manifesting With These Steps | Tia Johnson

1. Say it out loud.

Speaking it into existence is a key factor. Your words are powerful. What you say repetitively you believe in. In addition, what you say has a certain level of vibration to it. So, it’s crucial to pick your words wisely. Think back to a time in high school when your English teacher instructed you to read your rough drafts out loud. A reason for that is because saying it out loud will help you to catch when a sentence structure is off. Saying what you want to manifest out loud will help you to get out of your head (where your self-doubts can take over) and speak your desires into existence. 

2. Be focused.

Now that you have said it out loud, it’s time to buckle down and get laser focused. Let’s use the example of wanting to get in shape. And, let’s say you said out loud, “I’m hereby in my best possible physical shape.” Great. But what does that really mean and what does that really look like? You may want to follow up by saying, “I make great conscious food choices.” or “I consistently workout at the gym.” Think about how you would feel if you were in the ideal shape you want to be in.

Would this also mean that you will have to go clothes shopping, get rid of the junk in your house, and say no to people’s cooking when you visit their house? You don’t have to go into overdrive by making being focus a chore because that’s not the energy you want and it’s not sustainable. This process is about not being grossly distracted from your goal and acknowledging other elements in the process.

3. Initiate the art of detachment.

You may have heard people say that you need to obsess over want you want to achieve. That’s true, but what they are talking about is immersing yourself in the knowledge and being active in obtaining that goal. That doesn’t mean to not have fun or stop living. Detach yourself from the outcome by being open to endless possibilities. Detach yourself by doing something that has nothing to do with that goal. If you’re overly attached to a goal, you won’t notice the growth and it’ll feel like things are moving in slow motion.

4. Believe in it.

What are your belief systems and are they holding you back? Do you truly believe that what you’re manifesting is something that will happen or are you putting “something” out there and see what happens?

Boost Manifesting With These Steps | Tia Johnson

5. Be open to what you asked for.

It sounds crazy but some people fear becoming successful or being too happy. Being successful can mean losing friends and having people become jealous of you. Being wildly successful can mean being in the spotlight often. I had someone tell me that they didn’t want to be too happy because it means something bad is coming, it’s just too perfect. Don’t hold yourself back and don’t limit yourself to what you think the way your manifestation shows up.

6. Seriously, carry on.

A kind reminder here to seriously live your life. Don’t get caught up on how quickly others can manifest or try to figure out that one more thing you need to do. Live your life. Do something you’re passionate about. Focus on being your authentic self.

7. Write about it.

Just like there is power in the spoken word, there is power in the written word. Writing about what you want to manifest and reflecting on that will boost your manifesting powers because it serves as a reminder what you’re capable of doing, that what you are seeking to manifest wants to enter your life, and it’s documenting your growth. All of which are great when it comes time to manifest something else or when you doubt if your desires will manifest.

8. Talk about it with a trusted person.

Experiences are best when shared. In addition, that trusted person will put things into perspective for you as needed and cheer you on.

Which booster will you use? What are you working on manifesting? Let me know in the comments below!

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