Welcome to Part 4 of The 4 Part Discover Your Spiritual Gifts series! This week, we will focus on you being clairaudient! The purpose of this series is to help you discover your spiritual gifts and, in turn, consciously use, understand, and take ownership of those gifts.

Let’s begin!

A song plays at a particular moment that you and your Pop-Pop who has passed loved.

A lyric of a song sticks out to you at a seemingly random moment.

You just tune into a conversation at Starbucks and it’s something you needed to hear.

You can pick up on people’s thoughts.

You can hear divine messages.

You hear phrases that tell you about someone who you just met.

You hear a loved one’s voice who has passed that sounds distant.

You hear a living loved one’s voice call out for you and you learn that they were in distress.

You hear directions to tell you to go left or right.

Sound familiar?

You are clairaudient, my friend!

If You Can Hear People's Thoughts, Then You're Probably Clairaudient | Tia Johnson


The term clairvaudient means to clearly hear. Therefore, you are someone who clearly hears divine messages, picks up on conversations and music lyrics at just the right time, and can even hear people’s thoughts. You may hear directions given to you to go right or left in which you meet someone who you haven’t seen in a while.



Being clairaudient is in relation to your ear chakras (yes, there are ear chakras!). Being clairaudient is also in relation to your throat chakra because part of the purpose of the throat chakra is to help with being vocally expressive. When you receive guidance, get a feeling, or need to make a firm decision it’s your duty to speak up. Your personal and professional lives will be impacted because you will literally hear something like “Just say you don’t want to go.” or “Tell the truth about your participation in the group and get your credit for a job well done.” At which time, you will have to speak up and claim your space.

If You Can Hear People's Thoughts, Then You're Probably Clairaudient | Tia Johnson


Chakras are energy centers in your body. In Sanskrit, it means “spinning wheel”. The ear chakras are located above your brow aka third-eye chakra. So, imagine two spinning discs above each eyebrow. Besides helping us to receive divine messages and connect with loved ones, ear chakras help us to filter through hearing certain things. So, you may not hear certain negative things that were said meanwhile people are telling you that Karen was saying some backhanded remarks.


No. Somethings aren’t meant for us to hear and other times we have to tune into the person’s energy. Also, you will know the difference from your angel connecting with you and a nasty entity because angels will NEVER encourage you to do something bad. The guidance will always be beneficial without harm to you or others.

If You Can Hear People's Thoughts, Then You're Probably Clairaudient | Tia Johnson


YES! If left unchecked where we aren’t practicing using and cleansing our ear chakras, we will take what people say and internalize it. For example, if someone says something negative about us, we will hear that on a deeper level and overthink what they have said. Another thing that happens is that you will take things out of context because you will hear something the way you want to hear it as opposed to taking into consideration the person who said it. Getting headaches and having ear related issues are also a possibility.

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How will you unlock your powers this week?

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