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Before I begin with this post and tell you about my interview with Danielle on my podcast, I have to tell you the background story of how I discovered Danielle, met her personally, and impact her book has had in my life.

Kimra Luna, a personal branding and online business strategist, introduced me to Danielle LaPorte’s work. In her signature program, Be True Brand You (BTBY), she recommended Danielle’s previous book, The Desire Map, as a must read. Since then, I’ve been a fan of Danielle’s material.

A short time after my discovery of Danielle, she announced that her latest book, White Hot Truth will be available for purchasing AND she’s having a book launch tour. To my delight, the first stop was at my second home, New York City!



I live in Philly. So,  I know it’s not a problem to go to New York on a whim, which I have done so many times before since my best friend lived in Brooklyn. I told one of my girlfriends about Danielle and her tour; she was excited to go and off we went to see Danielle on a Wednesday night in the Big Apple.


Naturally, some people thought we were crazy to go to New York on a weekday. But, hey, here’s to the crazy ones, right?!


Danielle’s book launch event was nothing short of amazing! The venue was packed (There were at least 200 people there) and yet  Danielle made me feel like she was talking to me one-on-one. I met her briefly after her talk, she signed my books, we took a picture together, and off I went to read White Hot Truth!


My friend and I started our two-person book club where we discussed Danielle’s book in depth over food and libations. Naturally, I had my fave, cupcake Malbec!

I felt like Danielle is the girlfriend everyone needs when I read passages like:


“There’s no need to be grateful for your hardships and the perpetrators themselves. Because, remember: the Universe brings you more of what you are grateful for. So be grateful for the Faith and the friends that held you when it all fell apart.”


“Having flaws doesn’t make you a fraud; it makes you human.”


“When we’re painfully aware of our own imperfections, we might think, ‘How dare I expect someone else not to have imperfections?’ We end up prolonging our involved suffering because we think that whoever we’re trying to heal, or train to treat us better, is also coming from a wounded place- and that it’s our spiritual j-o-b to be in ‘the process’ together.”


“Being discerning is not the same as being judgmental. Discernment is big-minded and awake. Judgment is narrow-minded and operates in the dark. Discernment is our wisdom coming to life.”


I was moved by the book that I started a What My White Hot Truth journal. I wrote about mindset hangups that I didn’t know I had, go figure!


Some of those mindset hangups included the whole “If there is something you don’t like about someone, then that’s a reflection of something you don’t like about yourself.”


That couldn’t be further from the truth for me and I struggled with that for a while because I don’t like people who abuse children, women, and the elderly, people who don’t have manners, or people who treat waiters and janitors nasty because they think they are beneath them. There isn’t some hidden reflection there of me that I’m not acknowledging and, yet, in the spiritual community it’s almost like a “go to” phrase to ascertain what the deal is for us.


Nope. I just don’t like it and I don’t have to go on some crazy soul searching quest to find an answer. Period.

I had so many moments where I shouted, “Yes! Thank youuuu! Where were you five years ago, Danielle? Preach. OMG, truth.”


I learned the differences between discernment and judgement, belief and truth, and contradiction and hypocrisy. And, what a relief that was to say the least.  Depending who I’m talking to and if I’m posting something on a social media platform, I feel like I have to put a disclaimer that goes something like, “I’m not being a hater or judgmental…” and emphasize that there are times when I either don’t like or don’t care about a situation. It’s possible for people to not take interest in a subject AND not be a hater. Unfortunately, I see it happen so many times where people get called a hater or being judgmental for speaking their truth OR calling it as they see it.


Most of all, by reading White Hot Truth, I can tell that Danielle is comfortable with being herself. You can feel the authenticity, rawness, and humility in her words, which is hard to come by especially in an age where it’s so easy (and tempting) for people to look perfect on social media.


Mid-way through reading her book, I decided to take a chance…


I did something that made me nervous and excited. I asked Danielle’s camp if she would like to be a guest on my podcast to discuss White Hot Truth.


A few email discussions later, and we booked Danielle for my podcast! I had to hold in my excitement for weeks.


Here’s a sneak peek into what we discussed in the podcast:

  1. Her inspiration behind the title of the book (It’s profound!)
  2. Breaking down the groupthink walls in the spiritual community
  3. How to keep your heart open and protect it at the same time.


Click here to listen to my interview with Danielle LaPorte.

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