Let’s make the rest of the year the best of the year! If you have been having a great 2018, then let’s finish strong! My point is that we are about to brace ourselves for the holiday season and then BOOM it’s 2019. The best way to be ready is to stay ready. What better way than to start the declutter process now (let’s call it “Project Declutter”) so that we can ease into the holiday season and the new year like a boss!

Since I rebranded my business and hired a new VA in 2017, I’ve been on the warpath of massively cleaning up and tightening up my business so that it can run smoothly. I’ve been doing the same in my personal life for a few years now, such getting my braces installed (you can read about that in my Braces After 30 post), getting surgery to take care of my umbilical hernia, and eating better overall. However, there was still stuff around my environment that have been taking up space. Stuff like old clothes and just things that have outlived their purpose. The type of things that will delay our manifestation process. The universe can’t deliver if the road it blocked! Let’s clear our roads so we can be receptive to the blessings we’ve been working on manifesting.

Declutter These 3 Areas In Your Life To Boost Your Manifestation Abilities | Tia Johnson

1. Rooms In Your House

I swear the one thing I’m constantly, constantlyyyy, cleaning is my office, which double as a space for the vanity, oh and there’s a huge wardrobe in the corner part of the office. Needless to say, it gets messy with clothes tossed here and there, books galore, and random makeup items. I mean #entrepreneurlife I am right?! This weekend I decided to once again clean up my office but I did something different this time. I got rid of perfectly good furniture.

It was a nice chair that no longer has a purpose in my room. I was keeping it there for convenience and, in return, it took up space. It became a place where I placed my “to-go” clothes and video props. I also had the window open to bring in fresh, new air and smudge the room to add to the cleansing. Where in your house do you need to clean up, dust, and get rid of obsolete things?

You can also visit a bookstore and get books on feng shui. Another option is to create a Pinterest board of room inspirations so you will have some direction as to how you would like your room to look. By cleaning and cleansing your room, you’re physically welcoming the new hotness into your life because you’ve consciously made room for it!

2. What’s Taking Up Space in Your Mind?

What are your first thoughts in the morning and how long do those thoughts last? Are you constantly thinking about the past or future as opposed to focusing more on the present? Are other people’s drama replaying in your mind? You have the right to stop it at mid-play and recenter yourself. A sure fire way to make sure that unwanted thoughts are less likely to take up your mental time is to implement daily rituals to strengthen your mind like meditating, listening to motivational and inspirational youtube videos, writing in your gratitude journal, and establishing boundaries with the actual drama focused people.

In addition, you can never go wrong with taking deep breaths to bring you back to your center. Also, write down all the l things that pop into your mind that you don’t want there, think about why it pops up, and on a sheet of paper and then burn it. Release your mind from giving it attention. When you free up your mind, you can be laser-focused on what you want to manifest in your life. There won’t be any confusion or static in your manifestation process. Remember, what you think about most is what you tend to attract.

Declutter These 3 Areas In Your Life To Boost Your Manifestation Abilities | Tia Johnson

3. What Files do You Need to Delete in Your Computer and Phone?

Just before I started writing this post, I saw that I had over 11k photos on my phone. Granted these photos have been accumulated over the years since 2014, but there are still photos that can be deleted. I deleted 400 photos before I began typing and now I have 11,059 photos. I’ll be deleting more. There was a feeling of great relief to delete old photos, which was a combination of screenshots and actual photos I took. Do you need to delete old photos of ex-friends and lovers? Do you need to delete photos just to let go of an old situation or the old you? Pictures allow us to go down memory lane. Sometimes, that’s exactly what we don’t need.

When it comes to deleting files, I look at the size of the file and the year that file was created. Sometimes, it’s old videos and documents that I can do without. Other times, it’s programs that I can uninstall. The letting go process is hard but I always feel a great sense of relief. Considered it to be residual energy that needs to be deleted.

4. BONUS: Who’s Taking Up Space in Your Life aka Time Suckers

We all know a person or people who if you don’t check them, they will take all the time you give them to make it about them. You know the type that doesn’t know why people hate them, their boss sucks, their boyfriend is a jerk. Even if they get a new job and boyfriend, it’s always someone else with the issues and never them. You provide a few suggestions, solutions, but it’s like talking to a brick wall. These are the people who don’t want help. They want to dump their issues on you so they can feel better about themselves. It’s okay to stop hanging around these people. You can phase out of the friendship by focusing more on your wellbeing, opting out to meet up, and respond less and less to their texts. By doing this, you’re making room for new friends who will help you to manifest your needs and wants as they are vibrating higher.

What have you been working on manifesting lately? Which one of the options above will you implement today?

Let me know in the comments below!

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