Happy Hump Day!

Last week, I gave you insights into my morning ritual. This week, I’m pulling back the curtains and telling you my secret recipe for a more magical night! I seriously love the night. I love the cool night breezes during the warm months and the crisp night breezes in the cold months. I love the way the sky looks at night while I walk around Philly, taking in that magical nighttime air. I just feel more connected to the Earth and my spirituality at night. I have carpe notcem tattooed on my arm. Yes, it’s that serious. Read on to discover more about my nighttime rituals!

I’m also more creative at night. My prime time for creative bursts is 11pm to roughly 4am. Sometimes, I watch the sunrise and then go to bed.

I promise I’m not a vampire. Lol

Unlike my morning ritual, which is pretty much the same each morning (with little variation like when I run out of healing spray), I actually have several nighttime rituals. I’ll spill the tea on one!

Tia’s Nighttime Ritual

Face Cleansers + Elixir

I use the same face cleansers from last week’s post. But instead of the unicorn essence, I use the Farsali Volcanic Elixir.

The Volcanic Elixir has a lovely earthy scent to it that just feels like you’re connecting with Mother Nature (or maybe Goddess Pele). I just put a few drops on my face, rub it in, have a good night’s sleep, and wash it off in the morning.

My face feels super soft and looks radiant in the morning!  I’ve also noticed my blemishes fading away over time! Score.

Farsali Volcanic Elixir: This precious oil is extracted from the nut kernels of the Tamanu fruit — which flourishes in the south pacific islands of Polynesia, due to its volcanic atmosphere. Volcanoes have an extraordinary effect on their surrounding soil. Not only does volcanic ash provide nutrients to the soil, but it also contains minerals that are beneficial to plants. Due to this very reason, the Tamanu oil originating from Polynesia contains the highest nutritional value.

The properties of this oil are known to help regenerate skin tissue. The Volcanic Elixir, for this unique reason, can condition broken skin, and repair sun- and acne-damaged skin. It also has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic, and antioxidant properties — making it ideal for acne sufferers. What sets this oil apart from others, is a certain lipid called calophyllolide; which is not found in any other oil, and is a very strong anti-inflammatory.

Drink plenty of water

Before you start thinking that I’m crazy for telling you to drink water before you go to bed, lol, hear me out. Drinking water roughly an hour before you go to bed (to give yourself time to go to the bathroom) has loads of benefits:

  • Helps to cleanse your insides
  • Your body is hydrated so you’re less likely to wake up with cramps
  • You’ll have better dreams
  • It aids in weight loss

Learn more about the benefits at https://www.topstretch.com/benefits-drinking-water-before-bed/

Before I discovered all of the benefits of drinking water before bed, I was drawn to just do it and over time I felt the benefits of drinking water before bed. For example, I had better dreams and I didn’t wake up feeling sore. Gone are the days when I would punch my calf muscle because I had a cramp.

Light a particular candle


Some nights (roughly two hours before I go to bed) I light a candle and meditate. I take several deep breaths to center myself and then I stare into the flame. There’s something calming about looking into the flame of a candle. I know it sounds like a scene from Game of Thrones where I look into the fire, but it truly is relaxing and enlightening.

Read a spiritual book

Some people use books to help them fall asleep. I use books to help shift my mind from constantly overthinking about business and life. I also read books that I wouldn’t mind being my last thought before bed. I don’t want to have nightmares. So, I read something that nice and somewhat educational. The Hidden Power of Dreams is one of my favorite books to read before I go to bed.

 Write, write, and write some more

I like to call it a mind dump. I write what’s on my mind in the notes section of my phone. I write about my thoughts and feelings. This also allows me to go to sleep without thinking about who I need to get back to, what I need to do, etc. After all, what can I get completely done at 10pm that can’t wait to the next day? Some things can’t be solved right before bed.

Inhale herbal aroma for dreamtime work


The Apothecary Herbal Blends has a delightful scent of mixtures that include roots and botanicals. You can take a handful of it and put it in your dream pillow! I like to smell the aroma of it right before I go to bed. I tend to have really vivid and adventurous dreams when I use the herbal blends.

Do a chakra checkup

I meditate and focus on my chakras. I tune into them and see where I need to center my attention. Here’s what I do:

  • Sit up straight while in bed, rest my arms on my legs, bend my knees so that my feet touch each other. So, it looks kind of like a triangle formation.
  • I take several deep breaths to center myself.
  • I inhale divine energy.
  • I exhale and imagine my breath going directly to the chakra I’m focusing on
  • I take more deep breaths and remain in silence for a while
  • I say, “thank you” to the universe, energetically cover my chakras with a golden net (only to allow the good energy in and “catch” the bad energy), and go to sleep.


What will you use for your nighttime ritual?

What’s your nighttime ritual?

Let me know by commenting below!

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