You’ll want to bookmark this post! If you’re reading this post, then chances are you have realized that there’s something to be said about how the moon phases impact us and you want to get a head start on knowing the dates of the full and new moons. Knowing these dates ahead of time will help us to better prepare for these moon phases. For example, I know that I tend to be more emotional during a full moon to the point where I either want to be left alone to sleep most of the day, watch movies all day, or have so much energy that I need to burn it. Also, sometimes, my period comes on around the full moon. Therefore, I give myself space to indulge a little bit with my favorite foods, be more mindful with my thoughts (I can be harsh with myself at times), and make sure I have enough feminine products.

You may want to get a moon journal where you write how you react during each full and new moon. This way, you’re more aware of your patterns and can better prepare. This also isn’t an excuse for anyone to act terrible towards someone and blame the moon. This is about understanding that the moon influences us and it’s up to us to deal with those emotions and feelings. We can handle it even better now that we know what’s going on.

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Side note: The next blog post is a list of the lunar and solar eclipses of 2021.

Full & New Moon Dates 2021 | Tia Johnson

Full & New Moon Dates 2021 | Tia Johnson


Full & New Moon Dates 2021 | Tia Johnson

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