Full transparency here, Trailblazer, I used to be against the infamous “green drink”, in all its variations. I would make fun of the green drinkers because it seemed like everyone I met who drunk a green drink was doing it solely as a trend and for their social media platforms. I have had a change of heart and it began with me consistently going to the gym. Read on to learn more about this green smoothie.

After I was finally cleared to walk from having yet another major foot surgery (which I will most likely discuss in a future post), I gradually went back to the gym. When I started to see some changes in my body, I thought I can’t ruin this progress by continuing to not take responsibility for what I’m eating. It started with me thinking what I am going to eat when I get home?
Green Smoothie

Well, my gym also has a cafe in the front right before you check in at the main counter with your membership card. So, one day I stopped there to purchase a chicken wrap. The purchase of the chicken wrap led to the purchase of the Cinnamon Roll smoothie first, which includes vanilla whey, banana, granola, cinnamon, walnuts, oats, and almond milk. That was tasty but it was a little too thick for me to drink after working out.

So the next time I went to the gym, I tried the Daily Greens drink, which consists of spinach, kale, pineapple, green apple, avocado, coconut water, and orange juice. And, omg was it super tasty and I didn’t feel too full. Score.

Naturally, I did some research to ascertain how I can recreate the drink at home and make variations of it.

Why It Will Change Your Life

Before I get into my green drink elixir, I want you to know about the health benefits of including the infamous green drink into your eating lifestyle:

  • Help fight cancer and other diseases
  • Boosts your energy
  • A convenient way to receive nutrients
  • Curbs your appetite
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Promotes healthy bones
  • Can lower your cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Promotes clear, radiant skin and strong hair & nails
  • Improves mental clarity and focus
  • It serves as an anti-inflammatory (my fave)

Learn more health benefits of drinking green smoothies here.

I’m all about using natural anti-inflammatories. I don’t like taking medicine unless I absolutely have to in order to get better. I work on doing my due diligence first. So, I was crazy excited to learn that my green drink will help me when my joints are inflamed.

I’m also happy that the green drink is another way I can combat cancer. My grandmother passed from cancer and my uncle survived cancer. So, I want to make sure I ingest as many greens as possible to help keep me healthy.

Once you get into the groove of making the green drinks, you’ll start to think about the other healthy meals that you can put together, at least that’s what happened to me! You’ll just start to feel better and accomplished. #adulting

In the past, being on-the-go caused me to make less than healthy eating choices. Mixing a few healthy ingredients into a blender that also serves as a pitcher and drinking that throughout the week causes less stress about how I will receive my nutrients. Again, score.

Green Smoothie


Tia’s Green Drink Elixir

A quick trip to Walmart and I got all the ingredients I needed. And, so it began! Note: I was going to use the cayenne pepper (because I like the kick it gave to the drink) in this blend like I did the first time I made the smoothie but I decided at the end to use raw honey instead.

Here’s what’s in the picture:

  • A bag of spinach
  • A bag of kale
  • A container of coconut water
  • Tumeric (because it’s also an anti-inflammatory)
  • A green apple
  • An avocado
  • Chopped pineapples
  • A banana
  • (Not seen that I added at the last minute) Raw honey


Green Smoothie

I must admit, I didn’t measure how much coconut water I put in the blender. I let my intuition lead me, lol. I also used the whole avocado, apple, and banana because I’ll be drinking this throughout the week, not one sitting.

If you’re like, “Tia, I need more structure in my measurements. I don’t want to overdo it.” Okay. I totally get it. So, you’re supposed to use half of the banana, avocado, and apple. Regarding eating fruits, you don’t want to go overboard because that’s a lot of sugar you will be eating. However, what I have noticed is that people make smoothies for one mason jar or cup. Naturally, you don’t want a boatload of sugar in one cup. I made a pitch. And, my brother will also drink some because that’s what siblings do. So, I’m making it for me (and my bro) for the week and decided to give myself some leeway.  See the difference? Mmkay!



A few things I learned about the food I purchased:

  • If you can, buy the foods that you can freeze.

Spinach and kale expire super fast. If you’re constantly on-the-go like me, a week or two will go by in the blink of an eye. Make sure you either get the spinach and kale that you can freeze or use it right away.

  • Get the spinach and kale combo bag.

Life is just easier this way. Yes, this is a green smoothie hack. Since the time I made this smoothie, I discovered the combo. I always seem to have way more kale than spinach left over. Well, nevermore! (Yes, that was an Edgar Allan Poe reference).

  • If you don’t like the way the mixture came out, taste test on the side.

Remember when I mentioned, I decided to use raw honey at the last minute? Well, that was a result of my last minute “Oh let’s try this instead. Eh, I probably shouldn’t have done that” moment. So, I took a few spoonfuls of the smoothie, put it in a separate cup and mixed other ingredients like cinnamon (didn’t work). If I had put cinnamon in the blender I would have been pissed because the whole smoothie would have tasted horrible.

Will you be making a green smoothie?

If so, what will you include in your mix?

Let me know below!


P.S. Check out today’s podcast episode here where I interview Marla McDermott, creator of The Walnut Club, an exclusive club for women trailblazers. August is what will be your legacy month. We discussed what it takes to build a legacy, something we are all doing in life.

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