So now here we are 2021. We have many months ahead of us. We have many seasons ahead of us. Many cycles ahead of us. And let’s dive into what that means because it’s always good to have some guidance. Right. When I pull these oracle cards, I asked for a theme for the year, what we need to know, and any other messages. I used the Goddess Power Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid. Also, I did a podcast episode on this very topic. This is the transcribed version of the episode without my saucy stories in between. So, if you rather hear this reading (and those saucy stories), click episode 295: Happy New Year! 2021 Reading.

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Happy New Year: 2021 Reading | Tia Johnson

Goddess Metis-Wisdom

Channeled Reading

What I’m getting from this card is: Now is a time where we are going to acknowledge the truth. With wisdom comes truth, right? There has never been a time where wisdom and truth aren’t really hand in hand. It’s always wisdom, intellect, truth. Even bravery becomes part of that because when you are someone who is embracing wisdom, and you’re a good person, you want to use the wisdom for good. You will want to share that wisdom, to share that truth. And there’s a bit of bravery that comes with that. Once you start exposing people to knowledge, you’re equipping them to be someone who can make even better, informed decisions.

They can be of their own agency, you know they’re not relying on you, right? On the flip side, if you keep someone in a dark when you could enlighten them, now you’re trying to make them believe what you want them to believe. Now, there is no longer a respectability factor. That’s not what this is about. Part of the theme for this year is the age of respecting wisdom, the age of embracing wisdom.

And, even as I’m looking at this card and the goddess’ headdress, there’s this light just above her third eye. This means that this is also going to be about spiritual wisdom. This is where we’re going to dive into our spiritual truth. Are you acknowledging your gifts? Are you acknowledging them or returning the value on them? Are you seeing things? I don’t necessarily mean it has to be a dream time vision, or like one of those crazy visions you might see a character have on TV.  I mean, are you seeing the bigger picture? Are you looking at it from multiple perspectives? And of course, it can be actual, visions that you see in your mind’s eye.

Finally, the number of this card is 35, which equals eight. So, this can also represent wisdom in finances. Even though the number 6 has to do with finances and material things, the number 8 is a sign of prosperity as well as the infinity sign when it’s sideways, never-ending. I’m really getting this is also a great time to understand the wisdom behind prosperity. So, you may want to focus on a money and prosperity mindset.

Happy New Year: 2021 Reading | Tia Johnson

Message As Stated In The Guidebook (The words in italicized are my comments)

Experience woven together with knowledge creates a beautiful thing, wisdom. Its parts are entwined, like a finely made rope that is so strong, it can’t be cut. Wisdom once earn becomes an essential part of you. Right now, the Greek goddess of wisdom Metis, says you know exactly what to do in your current circumstances. The real question is, do you have the courage and commitment to make a wise choice or that bravery? I was talking about bravery! Your answer is not to hide, you are being invited to look within rather than without taking the wisdom you already have and apply it to your question.

Now there’s also that hide portion. Now, here is saying your answers not to hide. And, what I was saying earlier is when some people get wisdom and they aren’t a good person they tend to hide that from other people. Now in this case is also saying your answer is not to hide. So, seeking wisdom as I was saying earlier, we shedding light on situations you can’t hide if you’re seeking wisdom, you can’t hide from yourself.

Perhaps, however, you must instead draw for the humility, to find someone wiser to weigh in. And, this is where you hope that person is a good person it will bestow upon you that wisdom. And, this powerful time others may seek you out for your wisdom. This is also an auspicious period when new relationships are founded on deep truths shared with others, you are entering a potent period of your life to share all that you are. And, all you have learned extraordinary things are possible when goddess Metis reminds you of your wisdom and the need to express it.

So this is going to be a year where a lot of things are going to come to light. Just as I was saying before, if nothing else, 2020 has exposed people for who they truly are. The light was shone on them. Oh, yeah. 2021 is going to be a time where you’re really getting in tune with not just yourself but with people who are going to be on the same path as you.

Happy New Year: 2021 Reading | Tia Johnson

Goddess Morrighan- Death and Magic

Channeled Reading

What’s interesting is that she also has to do with liberation. Now, if you remember from the full moon episode: 294: Tia Scope: Full Moon in Cancer/Gemini, Kali popped up with the liberation. And Hera popped up with the Alliance. And, now we have goddess Metis. And, the message they’re saying, either you’re going to seek basically a mentor or the mentor will find you. That’s an alliance. So, this is still that full moon energy coming through.

So, we have death and magic. I love how nightly she looks. Meaning she has the crescent moon on her forehead. She’s harnessing a spiral of light within her hands that looks like the milky way. There’s a raven on her shoulder. And, it looks like her eyes are going different ways a little bit. As the saying goes, “You have one foot in this area, one foot in the other area.” It’s like she has one eye in one world and the other on the otherworld because she’s looking at two different worlds: the spiritual and the physical.

So what I’m getting from this card is which is interesting because wisdom is about light, right? You’re discovering things, you’re shedding light on situations. You’re opening and expanding your mind. This is a nightly card. This is saying endings are coming and the magic is beginning. It is very timely because we are in this New Year’s energy.

On December 21st, it’s the darkest day of the year, but we celebrate the return of light, an ending and beginning. Now, we’re deeper into Winter and we’re still talking about endings, even though it’s a new year. Now for this year as a theme, you’re still going to be cutting people off and ending situations. It is at this point where your magick is really going to shine through. This is the beginning of you unleashing your magick.

How will you use your magick this winter season? It could be just Winter, just another year to survive. Or it could be this is a magical time of the year where you can focus on what needs to die. You may be unlocking your goddess energy.

Your magick is what you make it because YOU are the magick. You will have to make the final decision of what is to die during this season. This is the time to trust the decisions you make, stick with them, and be flexible when needed.

This is also a time where in some ways, it’s like you are in the underworld, going through this process. And, then coming out new beginnings, rebirth, a new sense of purpose and strategy. So much work has been done these last couple of months. Now, it’s just that last bit of work that needs to be done.

The number for this card is 37, which equals 1 meaning it has to do with keeping your vibration high, having high positive thoughts. This is needed more than ever as the nights are still dark, even though it’s progressing in light. So, this is a time to also keep your thoughts high. I know it’s gonna be a little bit rough but really work on it.

Happy New Year: 2021 Reading | Tia Johnson

Message As Stated In The Guidebook

Consider your life a magical gift and your experience of it a beautiful opportunity to leave the world a better place. You give back when death comes in is your time on his plane experiences, relationships, projects, and even long-cherished dreams are also tied to the natural laws of death and the magic of the Celtic Goddess Morrighan. Now is the time for you to let certain parts of your life die and recognize the process as something to celebrate as well as mourn. Let go with love and gratitude. Leave your fears behind for in depth there is great magic as nothing can ever be truly destroyed from the ashes of the old a new life and new dreams will come to be based this time of dying and death with love encouraged her that courage word again. Be willing to be empty. Soon a goddess Morrighan will fill you up with magic and a new world will be born for you. This is our gift for you when you surrender your resistance and allow things to be as they are a new world for you so she’s stirring the cauldron she is stirring the cauldron.

Happy New Year: 2021 Reading | Tia Johnson

Goddess Skuld- The Future

Channeled Reading

This is interesting because we went from goddess Metis, with the various colors surrounding her to goddess Morrighan, a very dark Fey looking woman at night. Now, it’s like daytime looking at the goddess Skuld card. This means there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Yay. Okay, you make it through. The future is bright, and I’m getting big crystal energy. Even though there aren’t any crystals in this card. It just feels so Crystal Light like a crystal kingdom. You left the kingdom of the underworld to the illuminated crystal kingdom. You may become interested in crystals, more interested in crystals, or become certified in crystal healing.

This is a very bright card, very illuminating. This is where it comes together. But I’m also getting that the work still isn’t done. Like this is the beginning of a new era for you that you have to preside over. So, it’s like you’ve got into a point where you’re like, “Yes! This is where I need and want to be.” Now you got to maintain it is what I’m saying. (Visit Site)

Okay, the number here is 46, which equals 1, like the Morrighan card. This is a symbol that there is more than one way to get to your destination. Stay flexible. Don’t be so rigid during this time. Don’t get so frustrated during this time. If it seems like it’s not panning out, be flexible, be adaptable, do more research, or it may just be a time for you to just take a backseat for a while because spirit has to do something on the other end. Maybe you’ve done all the work. And maybe you need to do something that has nothing to do with spirituality, I go out, walk through a park, if you can watch something on TV that has nothing to do with spirituality, like just unplug from it for a little while.

Happy New Year: 2021 Reading | Tia Johnson

Message As Stated In The Guidebook (The words in italicized are my comments)

As you set your intentions for the life you desire, there’s that desire word again, the Norse goddess Skuld comes to show you glimpses of your future, you experience these magical journey markers as flashes of insights, and moments of inspiration, like an echo of something that exists in another dimension. It’s fun when things turn out exactly as you predicted. But remember that the essence of your intentions means more than it’s for the goddess goal who rules the destiny of gods and men. Stay remaining true, there’s that true word.

This moment is your greatest power, allowing the self to evolve as you go and discovering new things today sets the path for destiny to unfold. The power of the present and how you respond to life’s potential is the potent fertile seed of the future. In order to claim the future, you must attend to the now even then nothing is guaranteed and everything is infused with magic. Regarding that noting is guaranteed, this ties into what I was saying about having to maintain what you achieve because you can lose it if you get lazy or comfortable.

You may have in your mind, yeah, I’m gonna get this contract, I’m gonna do this and that. And it’s just not in the cards for you because it’s something better. But you got to put your energy outward towards that because that’s moving you towards a direction that you needed to go. Because if you didn’t go in that direction, how could you ever go in the other direction? The markers, that’s what that card is talking about. We had to meet certain markers to understand certain things. Otherwise, we really won’t get what’s going on and we think nothing’s working. So keep that in mind.

Happy New Year: 2021 Reading | Tia Johnson

The Recap

All right, let’s do a recap. This is a time of wisdom being honored. This is a time where you be diving into your wisdom, you’ll be really seeking your truth. This is a new age of wisdom for you and you’re going to be connecting with people who are going to help you on this path. We’re leaving the dark cave, we’re not going to be in that darkness of not knowing anymore. We are working on showing up as our true self 100%. And, that comes with great wisdom of knowing ourselves, understanding what we need, what we want, and sticking with it. And, then the morning on where are we are going to wrap up anything that is left over.

This is the time where we are saying, okay, I did a lot of work. There’s a little bit more that’s there that I need to work through. And, I’m done. Okay. And when I say done, I mean, do not call your ex, don’t text them. Don’t go looking at their Instagram profile to see what they’re up to. Or don’t go check it out to see the person looks better than you. You’re done. You. Are. Done. Don’t look back.

For example, when I was in Ghana, one of the sayings of their President was Forwards Ever, Backwards Never. In other words, just keep going. Don’t reside in shouldville, couldville, or wouldville. Those neighborhoods are not safe.

Then there’s you unlocking your magic. How cool is that? Imagine you work through all that stuff and boom you’re more powerful than ever. What have you turned up the volume on? What would that look like to be powerful? You manifesting quicker things just working for you easier? You get free stuff? The right people enter your life? Opportunity you couldn’t even fathom happen. Other divine beings giving you messages and visions. Sounds pretty cool to me!

Last, we have the future. This is your new kingdom, your new queendom with crystals, like crystallize new energy. Just Yes.

Happy New Year: 2021 Reading | Tia Johnson

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