How frustrating it is for a spell NOT to work, especially when we took the time to cast a spell during the proper planetary alignment, showered and put on ritual clothing, and created an amazing altar. Here’s the thing, there are many reasons why a spell didn’t work, and they’re not all bad:  Did it not work at all? Is it just a delayed spell? Do I just need to make a more direct spell? Was Hekate looking out for me and have something better in mind? The list can go on and on. However, there are some self-reflection questions you can ask yourself to make sure you’re not overdoing it or creating some kind of block while you’re spell casting.

It’s a tall order

We were told to be as specific as possible when casting a spell. If you’re anything like me, and you probably are if you’re reading this, then most likely you have put too much information in your spell with the intention of it happening right away. Too much information as in too many words. For example, have you casted a love spell writing a page worth of a description for the love you want to attract right away? You can have a long spell, just understand that it will take longer for it to happen because it’s a huge requirement. With that being explained, it should be noted that time is subjective in some ways. Your tall order spell may take 6 months to work, which is not a big deal to you, but a long time for someone else.

You’re overdoing it

You’ve pulled oracle cards, had others give you readings, pulled more oracle cards, hired a coach, and did multiple spells. So what’s the deal?! Remember, everything in moderation. You can definitely pull cards about a situation, see a coach to overcome blocks and do a spell to cap it off. However, how many times are you pulling cards about the same situation? How many times are you asking for a reading to see if they pick up something that maybe you didn’t? Now, it’s overkill. Now, you are setting yourself up to miss the opportunities because you’re micromanaging. What do you do when someone keeps following up with you about something? You slow down your response time. That’s exactly what happens when we overdo it, we slow down the effectiveness of our spells.

Here's Why Your Spell Didn't Work

Violating someone’s free will

Don’t use magick to impose on someone’s free will. For example, casting a love spell to make someone fall in love with you as opposed to casting a love spell to manifest your true love.

Your personal power was low or off

You are the most important factor in casting a spell. If you’re not really feeling up to it, didn’t do some research ahead of time, or aren’t that confident, then the results of the spell will be lackluster. Just as with anything that we do, the energy we put into it is what we get in return. Now, what if you’re feeling sick and you want to cast a spell to help you get well faster? That spell will work because you’re mustering up energy for you to get better. You’ll be able to get energy for that. However, if you’re trying to work on a manifestation spell while you’re sick that’s not going to pan out so well because mentally you are focusing on getting better. You really can’t thoroughly concentrate on anything else but getting better.

Here's Why Your Spell Didn't Work

You’re not paying attention (it did work)

The spell actually worked but because you’re looking for your very specific outcome, you missed the opportunities. Loosen up a bit. You may get a majority of what you asked for in the spell, for whatever reason. For example, let’s say in you’re love spell that you wanted a guy with brown eyes but he ends up having blue eyes so you ignore the guy altogether. Don’t be so rigid. Allow the spell to flow and go with the flow.

It wasn’t meant to be (aka something better)

Sometimes, it just wasn’t meant to be. Sometimes, for extreme cases, divine beings intervene. Sometimes, someone else’s magick was stronger than yours. The point here is to be open to the outcome, or lack thereof. You did your part.

Did you do the proper research?

This can be a little tricky because things like color correspondences can be culturally based and someone unfamiliar with it or is on their spiritual high horse may “correct” you or argue with you. On the other hand, it could be that you didn’t do the research and you’re asking the wrong goddess for something. Based on the spell you want to cast, did you gather the right information to perform the spell? For example, if I want to cast a love spell to attract a lover, I’m more likely to use pink, red, and orange flowers. I would use those flowers because pink and red are associated with love and romantic love and orange are the color of the sacral chakra which focuses on sex, passion, and creativity. I’m most likely would not be using the color blue or brown in a love spell simply based on the research and the colors I identify with love, such as with the orange color.

Here's Why Your Spell Didn't Work

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