Connecting with the universe can feel like a herculean task at times because it seems like there’s always one more thing to learn, do, or heal in order to manifest our desires. While, yes, there is always something to work on, it doesn’t have to feel like a perpetual chore. There are some simple and steady ways to connect with the universe so that we can break down barriers and falsehoods, such as wanting to adopt someone’s “perfect” life based on what we see on social media. Let’s dive into how we can connect with the universe and keep that connection strong.

How to Connect to The Universe to Create Your Own Reality | Tia Johnson

What do you truly want your reality to look like?

Ask yourself what you truly want. You will also have to debunk all the things you thought you wanted. A reason for this is because our brains are constantly absorbing information, whether or not we realize it. So when you think about what you want your reality to look like, make sure that you are asking yourself why you want that reality. Asking yourself why you want to create a certain reality will help you ascertain if that’s what you really want and how you want to pursue it.

Think of the universe as your best friend and your doctor.

When you talk to your best friend, it’s an unfiltered conversation. That’s the conversation you need to have with the universe. Connections are made through deep conversation. So when you are vulnerable and open in your conversations with your best friend, your best friend will appreciate that connection and work towards making that foundation even strong. When you have deep and unfiltered conversations with the universe, the universe will pick up on the vibe and will respond to that vibe.

Similar to when you go to the doctor’s office when you’re sick. If you’re honest about your lifestyle, such as drinking and smoking, and tell them all of your symptoms, then the doctor can provide an adequate prescription. When you’re honest with the universe, the universe can deliver adequately. If you aren’t honest with the universe, then the universe can’t co-create with you accordingly.

Are you ready to receive?

Sometimes we become worried about the result of getting all the things we want. Some of those concerns include:

  • Will I make people mad by my success?
  • Can I really handle this?
  • Do I really deserve this?
  • I don’t want to be too happy because something always goes wrong.
  • And, the list goes on.

Imagine yourself accepting the reality you want to create in its entirety.

How to Connect to The Universe to Create Your Own Reality | Tia Johnson

Vibe checkup

What’s your vibe? What’s the vibe of your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual being? Your vibe speaks louder than your words. If your vibe is off in a particular area, then you can’t create the reality you want because you’re going against yourself. Think about it. If you say you want to be physically fit but your vibe is that you don’t feel like doing the work to get fit, then, guess what, you won’t get fit. What you are saying and the vibe you’re giving are conflicting. Do regular checkups with your vibe by making sure what you are saying and what your vibe is are one.

Go back to your roots.

Before life got hectic, what were the things you loved to do? Sometimes, it’s all about going back to square one. Doing the things that make you happy and doing the things that work in your life makes a great combination of creating the reality you want. How can you incorporate doing the things you love to do throughout the day and how can you increase what’s working well in your life?

Explore, explore, explore.

Similar to going back to your roots, doing some exploration will help to break up any stagnant energy. In addition, exploring allows you to be open to the art of possibilities. You’re literally telling the universe that you’re open to something new and cool. A reason why this is a great thing to do is that we have ideas of what we want and that’s what we expect. However, it could be something better available or something else that still applies. For example, people often say, “I wish I could just hit the lottery.” Their idea of the lottery is something like winning the Powerball. But that’s not the only form a lottery can be. You can apply for a grant, someone could give you money, etc. Is that not also winning the lotto?!


The more you express what you’re grateful for, the more you receive that and beyond. You’ll also receive a boost in energy because you’ll see all the things you have been blessed with, which, in return, will elevate your vibe. As a result, you’ll be a high vibin’ babe who’s a great manifesto aka co-creator with the universe, your spiritual BFF.

How to Connect to The Universe to Create Your Own Reality | Tia Johnson

What will you create? Which point stuck out to you the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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