Entrepreneurship will test your mind, spirit, body, and soul. Your business will require 300% of you because you will constantly have to go the extra mile. Your 100% will one day not be good enough. I’m not being negative. I’m simply explaining that running a business will require more from you than you could have ever imagined in the business. So, if you do decide to open a second business, you’ll be more prepared. Read on to learn more about How to Lead a Business You’ll Be Proud of.

The thing is, anything we do, we put out into the world, we want to be proud of. We want it to be well received, to help people, and maybe repurpose that material for a new wave of people later.  But what about that in-between time when we are frustrated, things aren’t working, money is tight, and we need help? I wrote this post as a reminder to stay the course, that you’re doing just fine even though it may not seem like it, and to take multiple breaths. I need reminders like this. Everyone does from time to time. This also applies to life, not just in business. 

How To Lead A Business You'll Be Proud Of | Tia Johnson

  1. KNOW THAT YOU ARE A GREAT LEADER. YOU JUST NEED TO TWEAK A FEW THINGS. Many times, people see our potential before we do. Why do you think so many honest successful people (and those on the path of success) have haters. They see in you what you may not see in yourself. Great leaders know that they must consistently work on themselves and be flexible. You may just have to make minor changes that have a big impact.
  2. YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Trial and error will be some of your greatest teachers. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Even if you do get it right the first time, you have to maintain it. So, it’s not like you get a magical break. Take note of all of the trials and errors and see the growth that has taken place.
  3. REMEMBER HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME. Remember what I said about noticing growth? The best way to lead a business you’ll be proud of is to remember the hours you’ve logged in training. What I mean is how many bruises and notches on your entrepreneurial belt do you have? Don’t be humble here. Life isn’t easy until it’s easy and the same goes for being an entrepreneur. Display gratitude and be proud of those bumps and bruises and victories. You’re also becoming an inspiration for someone else.
  4. KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, PEOPLE ARE DEPENDING ON YOU. Many times people have come up to me personally and have thanked me for posting that video, blog post, or podcast episode. People who I would have never thought paid attention to what I do. My point is there are people who need to hear from you, your story, and your message. There are people who want to be in your zone of genius and more but in a good way. Think about the people whose work you have benefited from but have never met.
  5. YOU ARE GREATNESS AND GREATNESS IS AHEAD OF YOU. Taking a page out of Les Brown’s book. There is greatness inside of you and before you. Never doubt yourself. You just have a lot on your plate. Your time will come. Study the background of wildly successful people and you will see that it takes years to solidify a craft but that doesn’t make you less great.

How To Lead A Business You'll Be Proud Of | Tia Johnson

Which point will you focus on today? Would you like to add a point? Let me know below!

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