Oracle Card Reading is an ancient form of divination that provides guidance. In fact, nothing about using cards for insight is “new age.” Fun fact: playing cards you know and love when you play solitaire, war, or spades, were created when divination cards were outlawed. So, the spiritual savvy people still were “reading” cards but via a new format. To give you even more history, below are the suits with their original meanings.

Spade – Swords

Diamond – Pentacles

Heart – Cups

Club- Wands

Next, I have to briefly discuss having mental clarity, syncing your energy, storing, and cleansing your cards. You won’t be able to accurately read the cards otherwise.

Please do not make the mistake of looking for the answer you want. Mental clarity during readings involves you being open to the possibility that you won’t receive the particular answer you’re seeking because you have to focus on something else first. Be open to receiving “A” message not “the” message. Afterward, reflect on that answer.

Syncing your energy with your oracle cards is simple and can be done in many ways. Here are my two favorite ways I sync my energy with cards:

  1. Touch each card and examine them. I look at each card and observe what I notice about it first, etc.
  2. I hold the entire deck up to my heart or heart chakra. After I separate the cards for the first time, I fan the cards out and hold it either against my heart or heart chakra while taking several deep breaths.

Storing and cleanses your cards are also a simple process. Some spiritual trailblazers like to store their cards in a protective black cloth to shield it from negative energy. I don’t do it. It’s totally optional. I have my cards on my bookshelf. I cleanse my desk by knocking on it three times, putting a clear quartz or selenite on top of the deck, or blow on it.

Ok. Cool the history and housekeeping lessons are over! So, how can we read oracle cards for guidance and insight on a regular basis? Well, there are several things to consider…

1. Spread

The spread of the cards just means the formation and number of cards you are pulling.

    1. One card spread: You pull one card from the deck that you’re drawn to the most. You can pull this card in the morning for daily guidance.
    2. Three card spread: Mostly used for beginning, middle, end or past, present, future. You can pull this spread for guidance during the beginning, middle, and end of the week.
    3. Celtic cross, yearly, special occasion spreads: These spreads are more detailed and I discuss these spreads more in-depth inside The Spiritual Lifestyle Collective. For example, the Celtic cross spread requires 10 cards and the yearly card spread requires 12 cards.

How To Read Oracle Cards For Guidance and Insight How To Read Oracle Cards For Guidance and Insight
2. Color

Every color has its own vibe and meaning, or at least a meaning associated with it (I’m thinking of combo color rose gold or a color created like Tiffany blue for Tiffany & Co.). Give the card a once over and ascertain which color stands out to you the more or ask yourself what’s the predominant color of that card because that color will. be symbolic of the chakra or chakras you need to address, among other things.

3. Number

The number located on the card has meaning as well. While it represents the number of the card in the deck, I have given readings in the past where people have yelled, “Oh! That’s MY number!” And, that was the most important thing about the reading. Sometimes we just need to see something that is unique to us to remind us that we are on the right track. Other times, it has to do with receiving messages via repetitive numbers. So, if you have been seeing the number 4 lately (think of 444, 4444, 1444) and then the card number is 4, that is another message certifying your thoughts and feelings.

4. Character + Beings + Objects

Characters like the queen or high priestess, beings like angels and fairies, and objects like a star or goblet all have meaning. When you pull a card and receive the high priestess card, think about what the high priestess symbolizes, what she means to you, and how it relates to the card. So, for example, you may relate to the high priestess as a woman is very in tuned with herself. So, pulling that card would be a reminder to be more in sync with you, your needs and wants.

How To Read Oracle Cards For Guidance and Insight

5. Message on the card (Literal v. Figurative)

Some messages on the card will explain to you that now is the time to focus on legal measures and documents. How do we know to take that literally or figuratively? One way to look at the message, which is located either at the bottom of the card or in the book that comes with the deck, is to ask yourself what legal issues am I dealing with or may arise? Or, is it a best friend thing where you “sign up” for certain things and now you’re reevaluating the friendship. Also, keep in mind that sometimes, only one sentence out of the message is meant to resonate with you. Notice how you feel when you read the message and remember that “jolt” feeling I described earlier.

6. Overall Theme

Most importantly, don’t overthink reading the cards. There will be times that you will have to pull another card to help you understand the meaning further. Just like when you notice something different in a movie you see for the second or third time, you will notice things about a card you pull a third time that you didn’t notice the first time you pulled it. There will also be times where you will never pull a card but it’ll pop up for someone else if you decide to pull cards for people. The main thing here is to look for consistencies, things that stand out to you, and how you feel when you read the message and look at the cards.

Do you use Oracle Card Readings? Will you start to use Oracle Cards? What has been your experience with oracle cards?
Let me know below.


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