Everyone has that “thing” about them that just amazes people. It can be as simple as how someone navigates through a room and witnessing how people flock towards them. It can be someone’s intelligence, athleticism, or speaking abilities. It can also be how someone just knows things, lives life unapologetically, and is genuinely a nice person. A lot of times, that it factor, that something special that makes a person seem otherworldly is a result of a series of events. Those series of events are where they unlocked things about themselves, which in return have allowed them to advance further in life via living their life’s purpose. Below are some ways you can unlock your inner magic.

How To Unlock Your Inner Magic | Tia Johnson

1. What’s Your Truth?

At your very core, what do you know to be true for you? In other words, what would you give yourself permission to do if there were no restrictions? Ask yourself: “In my heart of hearts, what  do I truly know to be my truth?” Say what comes to mind or write it down. Now, if you have some restrictions for why you can’t live out your truth 100% every day, ascertain ways you can do it throughout the day, and on the weekends. This process will unlock your magical ability to just be you and everything that’s associated with you your truth. No one will be able to sell to you what your truth should be.

2. Take A Stand For What You Believe In

Taking a stand for something you believe in will be one of the most powerful things you can ever do. However, taking a stand comes with possible backlash. In fact, backlash is to be expected in some form or another. Taking a stand promotes awareness and provides opportunities for having a conversation and creating change. Taking a stand will prove to yourself, first and foremost, that you are stronger than you realize and you can make a difference.

How To Unlock Your Inner Magic | Tia Johnson

3. Give Yourself Permission To Proceed

It can be easy to render our power to someone who we believe to be or who actually is successful without realizing it. While it’s completely fine to seek coaching, therapy, and counsel, keep in mind that we have free will and we are the CEOs of our lives. The final decision rests with us and we have to own the decisions we make or don’t make. It’s okay if you need more time to think before you move on. It’s okay if you can’t do it now but can do it later. The key is to make conscious decisions that you can live with at the end of the day.

4. Discover & Practice Your Spiritual Gifts

A common question I get asked is what are my gifts? That’s a loaded question because we have many gifts and, naturally, some gifts are stronger than others. Some gifts include being clairvoyant (clearly seeing) where you have visions and premonition dreams, claircognizant (clearly knowing) where you just know things about people and places, or an empath where you are deeply emotionally attuned with people and situations. 

5. Believe In Your Abilities

Know that you CAN DO IT. And, if for some reason you can’t do it right now, you have to resources to make it happen eventually. You have to start with believing in yourself and what you’re capable of. Every skill needs to be honed in for it to reach its maximum potential. As long as we put in the work, be flexible, and grow, we will surprise ourselves about the outcomes.

How To Unlock Your Inner Magic | Tia Johnson

6. Trust In Your Intuition

The vibes don’t lie. If you feel like something is off about a person, environment, or situation, then chances are you’re right. You don’t ever have to find out what that bad vibe was so don’t let curiosity get the best of you. Also, that “vibe” can appear in a dream where you receive a warning about not going to a party. Take note of how you feel and pay attention to micro-expressions. The more you listen to your intuition and follow through with those feelings, the stronger it becomes.

7. Recognize That You Are A Gift To Someone

You are an inspiration to people known and unknown. Someone is happy to see you. Someone likes being in your presence. Someone wants to hear what you have to say. Some people will tell you how much they admire you and others will admire you from afar. You are a gift to someone in some way and it may not be for the reasons you think. You may say or do one thing that seems small to you but meant the world for someone else.

8. Get Moving!

Exercising, getting the heart pumping, and taking deep breaths of natural air will help us to unlock our inner magic because we are causing the energy around us to not be stationary. Being active sends a note to the universe that this person is a mover and shaker who is vibrating at a higher frequency. Also, our endorphins get released so we become happier. When we exercise, we feel stronger and get a boost of a “can do” attitude. Sitting around too much will cause us to be sluggish and that will most definitely translate into not being motivated in other areas of our lives. Think about when you are super comfortable on the couch, the bra is off, and you’re in your favorite pair of t-shirt and sweats. You don’t want to get up off the couch and there really has to be an emergency for you to get up, even then it’s like a big “Ugh. Why.” You’re just not as motivated. Now, think about a time when you walked outside and took deep breaths of that nice brisk air. You felt rejuvenated and probably had an idea pop in your mind. Being active is beneficial on many fronts.

How To Unlock Your Inner Magic | Tia Johnson

How will you unlock your inner magic this week?  Let me know in the comments below!

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