The new moon, which is also known as the dark moon since it can’t be seen, is a great time for deep reflection, rebirth, and resting. This is a perfect moment to start anew. So what does all of this have to do with manifestation when it seems like this is a time to chill and stay in the house? Well, the answer is plenty. The new moon energy is great for building up the energy we need to manifest our needs and wants, which is why by the time the full moon phase comes around it’s a great time to release the high energy we have accumulated over the previous weeks. read on to discover how to use the new moon energy for manifestation

Honoring the space that you’re in is the best way to begin your manifestation quest. Think of it as a time to retreat so that you can regroup and hone in on what you truly want and need in life and in business. Honoring this space with a strategy will help you to make the most out of this phase, and any new moon phase for that matter.

In one of my trainings in The Spiritual Lifestyle Collective, I go deep into how our emotions multiplied by our thoughts are determining factors regarding the rate at which we manifest. Does this mean that you’ll become a master at manifesting over the next couple of days? No. There are so many layers and mindset issues that one blog post will not be able to resolve. However, consider this post a sign, or a path if you will, towards helping you capitalize on this new moon energy.

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What’s hiding in the shadow area of your life?

One reason why we haven’t manifested our desires is that there are some things in our lives that we have suppressed and repressed. Repression deals with the unconscious or even subconscious. Suppression is the conscious act of holding something back and not for the higher good. It’s a bit harsher to deal with but the new moon, which is also known as the dark moon, is a great time to address issues that need to be brought to the light. This may even be a good time to talk to a therapist. Addressing our shadow side helps us to clear our energy and headspace so that we can accurately manifest.

Start anew.

Where do you need to hit the reset button? In other words, does a closet need to cleaned-out? Perhaps removing the old clothes that you barely wear or time to let go of that favorite sweater that has holes in it? Do you need to get rid of stuff that is harmless but is taking up space? Do you need to follow up with someone, go on another interview, or retake a class? Highlighting the word “new” in the phrase “new moon”, where are the areas in your life that need a fresh perspective? In a previous post, Declutter These Three Areas In Your Life To Boost Your Manifestation Abilities, I explain how clearing rooms in your home is directly linked to your level of manifestation. What you want to manifest in your life needs space to come in. It’s like preparing for a guest. You make sure they have clean sheets, that the house is clean, and food and drinks ready. You’re clearing space pending the arrival of your guest.

How To Use The New Moon Energy for Manifestation |

Your Personal Pensieve Aka Your Journal

Yes, this is a Harry Potter reference. Remember when Albus Dumbledore explained to Harry Potter what a Pensieve is and its purpose? It helps Dumbledore to review his thoughts but as a third person observing the situation. He takes a memory from his mind and puts it into the Pensieve. I have found that my personal Pensieve is a gratitude journal, travel journal, or notes in my phone (that I have locked). It’s a great way to get my thoughts out of my head and into a journal where I can reflect and learn. This is great for manifesting because if we can see our growth by reflecting on what we wrote, then we will believe more in ourselves and what is possible. Belief goes a long way in the manifestation process.

Unplug For 60 Seconds and Replug

Well, maybe not for 60 seconds, but what about a few hours or a whole day? Unplugging from the world and other forms of drama is a great note to the universe that you don’t want your day to be filled with unnecessary stuff. This also allows you to think your thoughts without the world trying to tell you what to think and to have a genuine conversation with yourself. You can also use this time to sleep. Just sleep. Permit your body to have the rest it deserves.

Displaying Gratitude For The Things That Have Yet To Come

We can’t go wrong with displaying gratitude. What we are grateful for is more of what we get, which is why we must choose our words carefully. As we honor this space, we are displaying gratitude. As we are willing to be in the flow, we are displaying gratitude. As we open ourselves to healing and addressing the real issues we are showing gratitude for receiving that service. The main factor in manifesting is being grateful. When we are grateful, we understand that there is more of (_fill in the blank_) within the universe and we are ready, willing, and able to accept it.

How do you celebrate the new moon phase? Which points stuck out to you the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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