I turn 33 today! Shout out to my Virgos! The cry is tears of joy! While this is a figurative cry for me, I couldn’t help but to be overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. Just thinking about the people in my life, the things I have accomplished, and where I am in life makes my heart melt. I’m truly blessed. Also, I’ll be giving you gifts today!

It's My Birthday - Tia Johnson

I’m all about celebrating birthdays. I consider people’s birthdays to be a holiday. I believe that there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the day we entered this world! I also do not work on my birthday. Check out last year’s birthday post, Birthday Unplugged, here where I celebrated it in the Bahamas! I’m loving the 30s!

It's My Birthday - Tia Johnson

I actually celebrate my birthday throughout the month. It started off as a joke based on a meme I saw and it grew legs. lol It works out because my birthday is during Labor Day weekend and that’s when people have their last vacation before the kids head back to school. So, for example, a friend would treat me to lunch or a Starbucks drink.

It's My Birthday - Tia Johnson

This year, I decided not to travel for my birthday but to spend time at the spa and unplug from social media, among other things. Here’s what I did throughout the month:

  • Escape room. A group of friends and I did the escape from a Thai prison. They gave us 60 minutes, we escaped in 41 minutes! That was record time. Just saying!

It's My Birthday - Tia Johnson

  • Karaoke. Because #whynot and I rock at it.

It's My Birthday - Tia Johnson

  • Surprise dinner. My friends treated me to a local wine bar restaurant.

It's My Birthday - Tia Johnson

  • Spa day. I treated myself to a Swedish massage and facial. I followed up by spending time in the steam room and whirlpool.
  • Birthday photoshoot. I just thought it would be cool to do. I grabbed my red dress, got some balloons, and my friend’s brother took the pictures! Btw, it was done with an iPhone and sunlight.

It's My Birthday - Tia Johnson

Being in your 30s is what you make it, seriously

What I’m realizing more and more is that there is a segment of women (because I talk to mostly women) who feel unaccomplished and doomed because they are in their 30s or soon will be in their 30s and they are single, don’t have kids, career isn’t where they want it to be, don’t own a home, fill in the blank.

I’m here to tell you to dance to the beat of your own drum! Ask yourself if you really want kids, to be married, want a career or be an entrepreneur, and the list goes on. The flip side to that is women could be unhappily married with unruly kids, in a messy home, etc.

What’s for you can’t pass you by as long as you remain proactive. Use this free time to have life experiences, truly understand who you are, and borrow your friend’s children to see if you really are ready to be a parent!

Okay, now to the gifts I have for you!


1. Complimentary one-month membership to The Spiritual Lifestyle Collective. For spiritual trailblazers and spiritual entrepreneurs for mindset growth, alchemy, and personal power development. Get access here.

It's My Birthday | Spiritual Lifestyle Collective | Tia Johnson


2. Complimentary ebook version of To Be Goddess. For the woman who wants to unleash her inner goddess and stand firm in her power!

Download Kindle Version Here | Download Nook Version Here

To Be Goddess | Tia Johnson


3. Complimentary ebook version of How To Get To The Point In Your Life. For those who want to overcome various blocks, work on your happiness, and learn from female entrepreneurs, from first-year entrepreneurs to a millionaire. 

Download Kindle Version Here | Download Nook Version Here

How to Get to The Point in Your Life | Tia Johnson

How you celebrate your birthday? Are you in your 30s and adjusting your life? Let me know below!

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