Friday is named after the Norse goddess of love, sex, sensuality, and war, Freyja (Frigedaeg in Old English). In Greece, Friday was named after the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, Aphrodite (Venus in Roman). As a side note, I find it interesting how Frigedaeg became Friday as I can almost picture a “whisper down the lane moment” of its transition. Clearly, Friday is symbolic of many things, one of them including the start of the weekend! While Friday is hailed as the weekend starter, especially if it’s payyydayyyy, there are even more interesting ways to make the energy of Friday work for you!

Below are ways to really capitalize on the energy of Friday. Keep in mind that the below information is suggestions, guides. Sometimes, you have to go with what you’re drawn to at the time. For example, you may choose to work with your favorite crystal instead of what is recommended below or you don’t wear any of the recommended colors. That’s not a “Make or break. Oh no. I’m not doing it right” moment. Remember with any magickal work we do, We are the magick. We are the most important factor in our spell and ritual work. We fuel the power. Objects, color usage, and the sort are a bonus to our work that can give it an extra boost.

Magickal Days Of The Week - Friday

Spell Or Ritual For This Day:

I  usually have a dance party and do a one card oracle reading for the theme of the weekend. Magick for love, romance, and relationship receives an extra boost today. Performing rituals to connect with goddesses/gods of love gets an energy boost as well today. Focus on your heart (empathy/love), sacral (sex/creativity), solar plexus (personal power), and root (healthy boundaries/relationships) chakras. Sex magick would also be a bonus on this day!

Deities Associated With Friday:







Flowers & Plants:

Rose, feverfew, violet, wild strawberry


Rose quartz, emerald, amber


Pink, aqua green, red, black

Herbs, Spices, & Food:

Apple, strawberries, raspberries

Essential Oils:

Vanilla, ylang-ylang, lilac, rose geranium

Source: Book of Witchery by Ellen Dugan

Magickal Days Of The Week - Friday

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