Monday, named after the moon, invokes lunar energies of inspiration, illusion, prophetic dreams, emotions, psychic abilities, travel, women’s mysteries, and fertility. Once upon a time, Monday was Moon’s day (Dies Lunae in Latin), Monandaeg (Old English) and Hermera Selenes (Greek) and we followed the lunar calendar. Why is that important to know? Because Monday was revered! Now, many of us can’t stand Monday and pray for the week to go by fast. However, we can get back into the groove of honoring Monday, as opposed to abhorring this day of the week. We can set the tone of the week by honoring Monday.

Also, Monday is connected with the divine feminine. A reason for this is because of the feminine connection with the moon. So, this would make Monday a great time to get in touch with your femininity, however you define it. For example, you can make Mondays the days to get your nails done. It’s scheduled, on the books, you’re committed to showing up for you. That form of self-care is tapping into your femininity.

Below are ways to get reacquainted with Monday. Keep in mind that the below information is suggestions, guides. Sometimes, you have to go with what you’re drawn to at the time. For example, you may choose to work with your favorite crystal instead of what is recommended below or you don’t wear any of the recommended colors. That’s not a “Make or break. Oh no. I’m not doing it right” moment. Remember with any magickal work we do, We are the magick. We are the most important factor in our spell and ritual work. We fuel the power. Objects, color usage, and the sort are a bonus to our work that can give it an extra boost.

Magickal Days Of The Week: Monday

Spell Or Ritual For This Day:

I pull an oracle card for a theme of the week. I also eat breakfast in silence to be with my thoughts. Meditate with a moonstone. Visualize my week. I also focus on dreamwork since I use the moonstone and sapphire crystals for dream work. You can create a spell or ritual for dreamwork, women’s mysteries, and fertility.

Deities Associated With Monday:

Goddess Selene: Greek goddess of the full moon

Goddess Yemaya also Yemoja: African goddess of water. Mother of the sea and moon

Thoth: Egyptian god of magic, the moon, wisdom, writing



Flowers & Plants:

Bluebell, jasmine, gardenia, White Rose, white Poppy, moonflower




Moonstone, pearl, quartz crystal, sapphire,


White, silver, pale blue

Herbs, Spices, & Food:

Melons, chamomile, wintergreen

Essential Oils:

Jasmine, lemon, sandalwood

Reference: Book of Witchery by Ellen Dugan

Magickal Days Of The Week: Monday

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