Ahh, Saturday. One of the more beloved days of the week this my favorite day of the week because I was originally born on a Saturn. I feel like I have a special connection with the planet and day! To add to that, I recently discovered that goddess Hekate is associated with Saturday. This is a big deal because I’ve fairly recently developed a strong connection with Hekate since she revealed herself to me in a dream. Saturday is truly a magickal day! Let’s dive into some of its background.

Saturday is named after, surprise surprise, Saturn! In Latin, Saturday is Dies Saturni, which is Saturn’s day. Then there’s the Old English version Saeturnesdaeg, followed by the Middle English terminology of Saturday. Languages are so interesting! Okay. Dialing back the giddiness here. Interestingly enough, one of the energies of Saturday is to clean. I mention that because as a kid, my mom or grandmother would get up early in the morning to clean the house and/or go food shopping. Saturday was not much of a leisure day! For example, I would have to wake up early Saturday morning to go to the Italian Market and the supermarket with my mom, and many times we wouldn’t return home until the afternoon. Anyway, Saturdays are great days to work on fertility, protection, remove negativity, overcome obstacles, and keeping enemies at bay. Other areas of focus include understanding a life lesson and sorting out opportunities.

Below are ways to dive into the magick of Saturday. Keep in mind that the below information is suggestions, guides. Sometimes, you have to go with what you’re drawn to at the time. For example, you may choose to work with your favorite crystal instead of what is recommended below or you don’t wear any of the recommended colors. That’s not a “Make or break. Oh no. I’m not doing it right” moment. Remember with any magickal work we do, We are the magick. We are the most important factor in our spell and ritual work. We fuel the power. Objects, color usage, and the sort are a bonus to our work that can give it an extra boost.

Magickal Days Of The Week: Saturday | Tia Johnson

Spell Or Ritual I Do For This Day:

Tea magick is what I tend to do to mostly on Saturdays. I also focus on slowing down, enjoying the weekend, and creating spells. You can create spells and rituals to help you to clean up or detox your life from what’s holding you back.

Deities Associated W𝐢𝐭𝐡 Saturday:

Hecate: Greek goddess of witchcraft, triple moon goddess, guardian of crossroads, a Titan, Hekate’s Day in Rome 31 Dec, power over earth, sky, and sea

Saturn: Roman god is known as Father Time, lesson giver, the name given to Roman 7-day gift-giving festival Saturnalia (17 Dec- 23 Dec)



Flowers & Plants:

Pansy, morning glory, mimosa


Obsidian/apache tear, hematite, black tourmaline


Black, deep purple

Herbs, Spices & Food:

Pomegranate, beets, thyme

Essential Oils:

Cypress, mimosa, patchouli

Source: Book of Witchery by Ellen Dugan

Magickal Days Of The Week: Saturday | Tia Johnson

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