Sunday Funday, am I right? In the land of brunch and mimosas, it’s easy to dismiss the powerful energy Sunday brings. The Sun is shining its golden energy of success, among other energies, on us every Sunday and all we have to do is to understand and tap into that energy! Other correspondences of the Sun includes personal growth, fitness, leadership, wealth, and fame.

Let’s go down this origin rabbit hole: Latin- Dies Solis (Sun’s day), Greek- Hermera Heliou, Old English- Sunnandaeg, Middle English- Sonenday.

After doing this series starting from Monday, I am developing a theory that people overtime must have shortened the saying of these words as slang developed, maybe they talked fast so people didn’t hear certain symbols and mispronounced it, or maybe it was too long to say so things had to change. For example, I text or say to my friends “sup”, which used to be “what’s up”, which used to be “what are you up to?” Amazing how that happens.

Nevertheless, Sunday is a magickal day to kickstart your week where you can utilize its energy to fuel you and your emotions to help you conquer each week or to rebound when the week doesn’t go so well. Take note of how you feel on Sundays. Sometimes, we feel what people tell us we should feel because we hear it so often but it’s not true, like when people make remarks about not liking Sunday because Monday is next. YOU don’t have to dislike Sunday. YOU can OWN Sunday! And,  you can do that even more now that you’re equipped with properties associated with Sunday.

Below are ways to add to Sunday’s greatness. Keep in mind that the below information is suggestions, guides. Sometimes, you have to go with what you’re drawn to at the time. For example, you may choose to work with your favorite crystal instead of what is recommended below or you don’t wear any of the recommended colors. That’s not a “Make or break. Oh no. I’m not doing it right” moment. Remember with any magickal work we do, We are the magick. We are the most important factor in our spell and ritual work. We fuel the power. Objects, color usage, and the sort are a bonus to our work that can give it an extra boost.

Magickal Days Of The Week- Sunday | Tia Johnson

Spell Or Ritual I Do For This Day:

I don’t have a particular spell for this day. I usually make this my day to retreat, to greatly reduce my time on social media, to watch movies, to just be in my own bubble, and maybe with a friend or family member. You can create a spell or ritual focusing on what you want the Sun to shine a light on, illuminate a path for you, work on getting a promotion, focusing on personal power, and wealth. You can do the sun salutation yoga pose, go for a walk as the sun is rising, meditate while the sun is setting.

Deities Associated With Sunday:

Goddess Sunna or Sól: Norse goddess of the sun, agriculture

Goddess Brigid or Brigit: Celtic triple moon goddess of the sacred flame, light, sun

Helios: Greek God of the sun


Sun, solar magick

Flowers & Plants:

Carnation, Marigold, St. John’s wort, sunflower, chrysanthemum




Carnelian, diamond, Amber, Tigers eye, quartz crystal


Shades of the sun like Red, Orange, yellow, hot pink

Herbs, Spices & Food:

Orange, cinnamon, turmeric

Essential Oils:

Cinnamon, frankincense, orange, rosemary

Source: Book of Witchery by Ellen Dugan

Magickal Days Of The Week- Sunday | Tia Johnson


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