Tuesday is named after the Norse deity of battles and courage Tiw, which is also spelled as Tyr or Tiu. Tiw is similar to the Roman god of war Mars. Long story short, Dies Martis (Marsday) became Tiwesdaeg became Tuesday. How’s that for a Jeopardy question and answer? While we can easily overlook Tuesday as just “being one day closer to Friday”, there are some great energies swirling around this day. For example, the energies of this day includes aggression, bravery, passion, and strength of those who must fight for what we believe in. So, today would be a great day to set ablaze something you’re passionate about or calling on Mars to give you strength in your endeavors.

Below are ways to make this day a bit more magickal. Keep in mind that the below information is suggestions, guides. Sometimes, you have to go with what you’re drawn to at the time. For example, you may choose to work with your favorite crystal instead of what is recommended below or you don’t wear any of the recommended colors. That’s not a “Make or break. Oh no. I’m not doing it right” moment. Remember with any magickal work we do, We are the magick. We are the most important factor in our spell and ritual work. We fuel the power. Objects, color usage, and the sort are a bonus to our work that can give it an extra boost.

Magickal Days Of The Week- Tuesday

Spell Or Ritual I Do For This Day:
I don’t have a special ritual or spell for this day. However, I do schedule meetings starting on Tuesday. I must have known intuitively that I need the energy of Tuesday to kick off any extra strength and bravery energy to deal with people during meetings! You can create spells or rituals to help bring out your inner warrior, sex magick, and work with the recommended gods and goddesses.

Deities Associated with Tuesday:
Goddess Lilith: Summerian/Hebrew goddess of the wind, great strength, sexuality, independence, wisdom
Mars: Roman god of war
Tyr/Tiw: Norse god of battles and courage

Flowers & Plants:
Holly, snap dragon, thistle


Blood stone, Garnet, Ruby, red jasper

Red, black, Scarlet, orange

Herbs, Spices, & Food:
Allspice, peppers, ginger, garlic

Essential Oils:
Basil, ginger, pine

Resource: Book of Witchery by Ellen Dugan

Magickal Days Of The Week- Tuesday

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