In last week’s post, 9 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before New Year’s Eve, we dove into some very important questions to ask ourselves in order to fully usher in the New Year. In this post, we are going to examine 7 sacred methods that will make all the difference in how we maintain that level up vibe we have for 2019. These methods are to assist you in being more conscious of your surrounding from a personal and spiritual development standpoint.

7 Sacred Methods To Make 2019 Your Best Year | Tia Johnson

1. Notice the signs

In my Instagram stories, I constantly posting signs from Spirit I notice, such as repetitive numbers like 3232 or 444. Noticing signs from Spirit is a sacred method of communicating that all can understand once they learn the signs. You’ll know when it’s a sign from Spirit as opposed to just a regular sign that you notice by the jolt feeling you get.

For example, imagine that you were worried about something, you’re walking down the street, and next thing you know you look to your right and see a license plate that ends in 999. Then you see a sale sign for $19.99. Last, you pull out your credit card to make a purchase and noticed 9999 are in the numbers line up. You feel have the whoa Twilight Zone feeling. That’s Spirit communicating with you.

2. Rituals, rituals, and more rituals

Rituals help us on so many levels. Some are already ingrained in us like waking up around a certain time each day for work, washing, and brushing our teeth. Then there are other rituals we need to work on for our personal development, such as working out on a constant basis, practicing good self-talk, and meditating. Having rituals also boosts our manifestation abilities because we are showing gratitude on multiple levels and what we are grateful for we get more of.

If we have a ritual for a weekly self-care activity, such as getting a massage, then we are showing ourselves and the universe that this is a time where we are taking care of ourselves and honor that time. As a result, you will find more acts of self-care to partake in without feeling guilty or feeling like you can’t do it. Being grateful for that spa time makes room for more time in other areas.

7 Sacred Methods To Make 2019 Your Best Year | Tia Johnson

3. Podcasts

Our mind is constantly absorbing information, filtering it, keeping some information, and disposing of the rest. So why not treat your mind to healthy information such as podcasts that will educate you, make you laugh, or inspire you. You can listen to podcasts while in the shower, driving, working, or just relaxing. You’ll retain exactly what you need to so don’t worry about what you may forget. The sacred act of listening to podcasts will give you different perspectives, help you to get started in areas where you’re clueless, solve problems, or just be a comedic/ emotional release.

4. Setting obtainable goals

One of the biggest set-ups we can do to ourselves is to set some grand goal without determining a solid strategy. Granted that sometimes it’s okay to wing it and it works but that won’t fly all the time. There have to be plans, systems, and evaluations. When you set your goals for 2019 I want you to think about your lifestyle, if that’s what you really want, and to give yourself more than enough time to get it done.

7 Sacred Methods To Make 2019 Your Best Year | Tia Johnson

5. Redefine your non-negotiables

I like the staying somethings don’t stay the same rather than nothing stays the same because somethings about us don’t change. However, we need to check in with ourselves to determine whether or not our non-negotiables are the same each year and throughout the year. Maybe a non-negotiable for you is to date someone who loves horror films. However, you later determine that it’s not a big deal. This is a sacred act because you are establishing your bar and boundaries. Therefore, you’ll be keeping your vibe at a high level.

6. Focus on self-talk

How do you talk to yourself? The spoken word is as sacred as the written word. Our words have vibes to them. In addition to being mindful of how you talk to yourself, think about having conversations with yourself. Have a conversation about how you want the day to progress, what you want to do for the week, month, and year. Have many conversations with yourself to learn more about you, be comfortable with yourself, and practice speaking your truth.

7. Remove lame people immediately

Every 6 months and once a year it’s good to take a hard look at the people in our lives. Think about the people who add value to your life and how they show up. Are the people in your life working on improving their lives and being happy? Do they support you and enjoy your company? Do they call you out when you’re being negative or hard on yourself? You don’t have to have people around because you’ve known them since forever or some crazy reason that is really just an excuse for not letting go. This act is sacred because when you remove lame people from your life, aka clearing space, you make room for new and amazing people.

7 Sacred Methods To Make 2019 Your Best Year | Tia Johnson

Do you do any of the above rituals? If not, then which ritual will you implement first? Let me know in the comments below!

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