Okay, so you’re in this school called life. You’re learning, you’re meeting people, you’re claiming your independence. When you find yourself on this journey, what is the One Very Important Question You Must Ask Yourself & One Answer You Must Know? Read on to gain some worthy insight.

Imagine that one day you have to go to the school’s library and you stumble upon a particular section in the library. This is the oldest section in the library where it seems as though few people have visited. The books are clearly old, but there’s an essence about this section that just draws you in and you’re drawn to choose a few books to read.

While standing there in the section reading, you discover loads of esoteric information. You take a break from reading by lifting your head up for air; you look around to see if anyone notices you, but nothing for everyone is in their own world.

You learn as much as you can and realize that the world needs to know about this information. This information that will help them triple-fold! Information such as:

  • The ancient ways of healing through sound, light, crystals, colors, and energy
  • How to connect with your angels, goddesses, and other divine beings
  • Past lives and remembering who you are
  • Discovering your life’s purpose

One Very Important Question You Must Ask Yourself + One Answer You Must Know | Tia Johnson

You ask yourself that one very important question. The question that everyone asks themselves when they are about to embark on a journey that will expose them to negative criticism and social scrutiny.

‘Am I ready, willing, and able to do this?’

The answer is a resounding

‘YES, I am ready, willing, and able to do this because I’m here, right now, obtaining this information not by chance, but by my divine mission.”

The one question and the one answer. The question above is a ‘must ask’ because once we make that choice to work towards achieving our life’s purpose, there will be no turning back because it’s actually a calling. Hence, the one answer.

Fearful thoughts are something that will creep up, but there’s a power that resides within us to help us conquer those fears and allows us to continue to do good for our highest good!

Think about a time when you were determined to get something done or confront someone. You mustered up your confidence and other resources. And, if you experienced a lack of confidence you discussed that situation with someone.

One Very Important Question You Must Ask Yourself + One Answer You Must Know | Tia Johnson

Just like when we choose to come out of the spiritual closet and become that Spiritual Entrepreneur… we are fearful, we lack confidence, and feel like we don’t know what the heck we are doing. None of that matters because we talk about that situation with people we trust and overcome any doubts.

So, next time you are about to give a reading, do a healing session, write that book, host a public event, remember that it’s your mission and no one else can do this but YOU. Think of it as a profession with many experts. You’re a holistic healer? Okay. No one will have your laugh, your smile, your warm personality. Remember that and you’ll go far!

What are you ready, willing, and able to do right now? Let me know below!

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