Welcome to the 4 Part Discover Your Spiritual Gifts series! This week, we will focus on you being clairsentient! The purpose of this series is to help you discover your spiritual gifts and, in turn, consciously use, understand, and take ownership of those gifts.

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A common response I get from people when their spiritual gifts kick in is that they thought they were crazy because they couldn’t explain their feelings towards a person or situation as goes against what other people see. For example, getting a vibe that John is no good for Sarah even though there’s no real proof of John being a bad person. They are even at times ostracized by their friends and family and don’t know how to respond.  In addition, they didn’t have a name to call what they were experiencing and they are going out in the world just absorbing all of this emotion and energy. As a result, sometimes they don’t know if they are feeling their own feelings or that of someone else.


The term clairsentient means clearly feel. Therefore, you are someone who clearly feels energies, the state of an environment, situations, and people’s emotions. This also goes as far as getting a feeling or sensing someone’s past life and emotions and energies near and far.


People Say You're Just Being Sensitive | Tia Johnson


Being clairsentient is in relation to your chest and your stomach aka your heart chakra and your solar plexus chakras. So you may receive chest or stomach pains. Also, your chest may feel light and open. You’ll have that “weird” feeling. It may influence your social life. For example, large crowds or even being around a friend of a friend is not your cup of tea simply due to the vibe. It’s fine not to go places and follow your gut as long as you know why as opposed to not going and thinking that it’s because you’re sad or depressed.


Chakras are energy centers in your body. In Sanskrit, it means “spinning wheel”. So imagine these energetic discs spinning along the center of your body from the base of your spine to the top of your head. The heart chakra, which is located in the center of your chest, is in relation to your heart and it concentrates on empathy, love, emotions, and healing. Your solar plexus chakra, which is located just above your navel, is in relation to your personal power. So, when you get that “weird” feeling in those areas, it usually has to do with trusting in your personal power of what you are feeling at the moment.

People Say You're Just Being Sensitive | Tia Johnson


To some extent, yes. Clairsentients do feel at a deep level, but their range of feeling goes far. As I stated above, clairsentients can feel or sense energies and emotions across past and present lives and via near and far locations. Even looking at a picture of people can set off the clairsentient radar. However, empaths are more close range. So, they pick up on energies and emotions of people who are close to them personally or in close proximity. So, in a way, someone who is clairsentient is an empath but and empath is not clairsentient.


YES! If you don’t shield yourself energetically and practice using your gifts then you will be at a constant high emotional and even flighty state aka ungrounded. Also, watching the news and certain movies may be too much for you. Also, remember what I mentioned about not being able to discern your emotions from basically everything else? If left unchecked, you’ll start to feel sorry for every single person and give people too many chances to get it right, which can lead to you becoming a welcome mat and burned out.

People Say You're Just Being Sensitive | Tia Johnson


Yes! Because you can sense things, you’re more likely can tell when someone is blatantly lying or just not telling the full truth. In addition, you’ll receive a heads up about things to come because you’ll get that “good feeling” or that “Eh let’s stay home tonight” feeling. Also, you may not want people to touch you and for good reason. Because you’re a sensitive being who can pick up on things, some people can sense that high energy and want to connect with that to boost their energy. Sometimes that connection is via a touch on the arm or a hug. You know who they are because you can sense it. You don’t have to hug or let anyone touch you if you don’t want to.


Click the videos below to watch how you can practice using your gifts, shield yourself, and explain to muggles your feelings without having that awkward moment!


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