I must admit that when I initially dived into spirituality I was angry. I was angry when I learned about the smear campaigns done against spirituality. I was angry at the fact that some religions took certain spiritual practices (after their smear campaign), renamed them, and claimed it as their own. I was angry that spirituality is being called “new age” when there’s nothing new about it, it should be labeled as ancient practices.

However, I took that anger and I transformed it into taking action. In addition to spreading my message of healing and self-discovery, I decided that I would teach about the old ways. I decided that I would focus on helping people to remember who they are and what they can accomplish. Unfortunately, that too came at a price because I was so focused on spirituality and spreading the message that I wasn’t paying attention to me, which resulted in me gaining weight.

My point is that it’s easy to get caught up in discovering, defining, and walking the spiritual path. And, unless we have some kind of awareness we will either be in our bubble of emotions and doing all things spiritual (which will lead to neglecting other things) or try to live out what others believe is spiritual (which is us relinquishing our powers). If you’ve stumbled on this post, it’s serving as your guide to reel you in a bit and refocus.

The Pressures Of Being Spiritual: How To Disconnect & Just Be You | Tia Johnson

1. No, you don’t have to heal yourself. Remember, doctors, go to doctors.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all need help and insight from time to time. We also won’t have all of the answers. We could be experiencing something that has to do with a past life. So, we book a session with someone whose profession is to help people overcome past life traumas. Don’t feel inadequate because you can’t heal yourself.

2. No, you don’t have to be nice all the time because you’re “spiritual”.

A common misconception is that spiritually centered people should be nicer or happier a majority of the time. Also, as my grandmother used to say, “People will mistake your kindness for weakness.” Being spiritual does not mean that you power down all other emotions. You have the right to express yourself, to be angry, or to even be lazy on a Sunday afternoon!

3.   Yes, you can cuss, drink, eat meat, and still be spiritual.

Spirituality is not limited to doing yoga and drinking a green drink. It’s something that is unique to every person. Another misconception is that a meat eater who cusses and or they have tattoos really isn’t spiritual. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone’s body is different; therefore, it may be in your best interest to eat the steak because that’s what you like. The moment being spiritual feels like a chore, such as forcing yourself to say affirmations and doing things you think you should do instead of discovering what’s right for you and do that, you’re not winning.

The Pressures Of Being Spiritual: How To Disconnect & Just Be You | Tia Johnson

4.   No, you don’t have to be friends with or help everyone.

Yes, we want to be there for people, give them chances, and show them the light. However, we just won’t vibe with someone no matter what. Also, as crazy as this sounds, some people don’t want you to help them. Some people don’t want help. Keep in mind that the help some people need may go beyond your expertise or take up too much of your time where you aren’t making time for you at all. It’s okay to not hang out with people or force a friendship. This also applies to lovers.

5.   A lot of paths and methods fall under the spiritual umbrella.

You don’t have to commit to one aspect of spirituality. However, it would behoove you to determine what spirituality is to you and really understand what those aspects are. This is especially important because some aspects of spirituality have become trendy which has led to many people making ridiculous social media post or doing things like wine and yoga. Sorry if you do the wine and yoga but that’s not a thing. That’s just a trend and is not aligned with yoga.

6.   You can do non-spiritual things.

Your whole world does not have to revolve around spirituality. Spirituality can be incorporated into many areas in your life but the last thing you want is to be so consumed with spirituality that you neglect all other areas of your life.

The Pressures Of Being Spiritual: How To Disconnect & Just Be You | Tia Johnson

7.   Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

In the words of Sigmund Freud, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. While it is true that Spirit is in constant communication with us, keep in mind that beliefs like “not liking someone is really the result of something in you that is being reflected in them” is not entirely true. Think about it. That person is an asshole. You are not. That is all.

8.   No, you don’t need crystals and oracle cards.

Things like runes, cards, and crystals are all bonuses, great visual aids when diving into our spirituality. Our power comes from within and what we choose to use is a great power up to help us demonstrate our points or provide more clarity.

9.   No, you do not have to give a reading every time you go over someone’s house.

You are not required to be someone’s anytime healer, reader, etc. Respectfully decline, say it’s not the right time, maybe later, etc.

10.  Just because people doubt your gifts doesn’t mean you should.

There will always be someone who doubts, denies, or lies. The more are knowledgable about your spirituality the better you can disprove them. Even if someone does lie, you can stand your ground. For example, let’s say you give a reading to someone and it came true but they didn’t like that outcome so they lied. They are not your people. You don’t have to get defensive. You can graciously and briefly speak your peace and change the subject of the conversation.

The Pressures Of Being Spiritual: How To Disconnect & Just Be You | Tia Johnson

How will you disconnect this week?

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