Protection magick is some of my favorite magick to discuss and teach. A reason for this favoritism is that when people learn protection magick, they are defending themselves, protecting their energy and sanity, establishing boundaries, and breaking unhealthy relationship patterns. What’s not to love?

Before we dive into mirror defense, I want to address a few common sense points to remember prior to using protection magick. These reminders are very important as it will reinforce and add to the strength of your protection magick. Think of it as a car having working breaks, working air bags, and your wearing your seatbelt for reinforcing protection while driving to the best of your abilities (of course besides having the emergency breaks and abiding by the speed limit).

Protection Spells Part I: Mirror Defense | Tia Johnson

Keep in mind the following:

  • Practice being aware of your surroundings
  • Believe in your intuition when something feels “off”
  • It’s okay to say “No.”
  • It’s okay to not go to a party.
  • Lock your doors and windows
  • Don’t tell everyone your business
  • Be careful about what you post on social media (For example, post/check-in yourself at a place AFTER you leave)
  • Stay away from negative people who don’t add value to your life
  • Tell trusted people where you’re going and who you’re meeting when you’re going to a meetup, date, etc, and make it a public well-lit place

Okay. Now that we have gotten many common sense points out of the way, let’s get to the spell work.

This mirror deflection spell is one of my favorite spells I learned years ago. This is a visualization spell with a few words you’ll be saying.

As a reminder:

You are the magick. How powerful your magick is has nothing to do with how detailed it is. In actuality, the power of your emotional intent, your imagination, your belief, and how you feel at the moment. So, if you feel meh and don’t belief that you’re powerful enough to do protection magick. Wait until you feel a bit more well for maximum effect.

Protection Spells Part I: Mirror Defense | Tia Johnson

The Purpose:

To return psychic attacks and any other negative energies. It gets “reflected” back to its owner or trapped in the mirror.

Here’s how it works:

1. You visualize tall, full-length mirrors surrounding you, 360º. I even imagine a mirror above my head. For demonstration purposes, I’m holding a handheld mirror.

2. Next, you image the mirrors on the reflective side facing opposite of you. All the mirrors are connected so there is no space between them.

3. Follow up that visualization with these words:

By the land and by the sea, what negativity you send shall return to thee. So mote it be.

Annnd, you’re done! Yup. It’s simple but effective.

Protection Magick Part I/ Mirror Defense | Tia Johnson

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