Have you been feeling like you’re more than ready to start something new while also feeling so over something else that you can’t wait for it to end? Now, you’re in this in-between space of leaving one thing and beginning something new.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio & the Full Moon in Scorpio is bringing about such energies. Reasons for this are because Scorpio deals with bringing about the truth, while also being the keeper of secrets. In addition, eclipses deal with major endings, which in turn means major beginnings.

In the tarot, the death card is associated with Scorpio, adding to the energy of signifying what needs to end/be let go.  This is a time of great revelations, changes, breakthroughs, secrets being revealed, and surprises. 

This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio on 5 May invites us to embrace our personal power, reclaim our authenticity, and explore the depths of our souls. Basically, energy is intensifying and providing us with an opportunity for profound personal growth, such as letting go of old patterns and embracing transformation. 

Emotions are heightened 3x because: Scorpio is a water sign, and Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse energies are associated with water. Qualities of the element of water are associated with include emotions, intuition, healing, and dreams. 

Expect feeling extra emotional, having super accurate intuition, healing which can take the form of shadow work, and having crazy dreams.

So, no, you’re not crazy, too sensitive, or overreacting…Some major energetic shit is going down and you feel it. You’re in tune and now it’s a matter of nurturing and directing that energy in your life.

There’s Also Mercury Rx & It’s Taurus Season

How do Mercury Retrograde and the energy of Taurus season play a role in this time? Well, Taurus is a fixed sign aka slow and steady, methodical, grounded, and Mercury in retrograde invites us to reflect on our communications, re-evaluate our beliefs and thoughts, and revisit past issues for healing. So, this means to also slow down, double-check things, and be patient as you make decisions and move forward. Stay grounded and process your feelings. Give yourself space and grace as you are ending and beginning things during this eclipse. 


Reflect With Scorpio Energy

During this time, the energy of Scorpio will invite us to explore our deepest desires, embrace our shadows, and release what no longer serves us. It’s a time of letting go, shedding old layers, and allowing ourselves to be reborn into our truest selves. The intensity of the eclipse energy will heighten our emotions and intuition, providing us with clarity and insight into the areas of our lives that require healing and change.

Reflect With Lunar Energy

This lunar eclipse encourages us to dive deep into our emotions, face our fears, and release what no longer serves us. It is a time of shedding old patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that hold us back from growth and self-realization. It invites us to embrace our personal power, reclaim our authenticity, and explore the depths of our souls.


Release Ritual

Begin by creating a sacred space and lighting a black or dark purple candle. Write down any negative emotions, limiting beliefs, or patterns that you wish to release on a piece of paper. Take a deep breath and visualize these energies leaving your body and being consumed by the flame of the candle. Once you feel a sense of release, burn the paper and let the ashes scatter in the wind, symbolizing the permanent release of these energies.

Shadow Work Meditation

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Visualize a doorway leading to a dark, mysterious room. Step through the doorway with curiosity and courage, knowing that this is a space for exploring your shadows. Allow any suppressed emotions, fears, or unresolved issues to surface. Embrace them with compassion and love, acknowledging that they are part of your journey. Journal or reflect on any insights or revelations that come up during this meditation.

Transformation Visualization

Find a quiet space and relax into a comfortable position. Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by a warm and gentle light. Visualize the changes you wish to manifest in your life. See yourself stepping into a new version of yourself, empowered and aligned with your true purpose. Feel the energy of transformation flowing through you, as you let go of old patterns and embrace a new way of being. Stay in this visualization for as long as you feel guided, soaking in the transformative energy of the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Gratitude Ceremony

Create a sacred space outdoors or near a window where you can witness the moon’s radiance. Take a moment to reflect on all the things you are grateful for in your life. Write them down on small pieces of paper or use a gratitude journal. As you write, infuse each word with genuine gratitude and appreciation. Once you have completed your list, offer it to the moon by either burning the papers or burying them in the earth. Express your gratitude and intention for continued growth and transformation.

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