Yes, you read that right. I get facial laser treatments at Skin Laundry. A laser, beam and all, is aiding in helping me to achieve my skin goals. Skin Laundry is a magical place where you get amazing 15-minute skin treatments to enhance the quality of your skin, namely the face. Read on to discover more about Why I Get My Facial Laser Treatments At Skin Laundry.

Per the founder, Yen Reis created Skin Laundry as a means to end her struggle with skin issues that were increasing with age. Yen, while living in Asia, discovered a laser and light treatment that was safe and accessible; the result was that the health of her skin improved!

However, when Yen moved to Los Angeles, there wasn’t a similar treatment that would do her skin justice. Unfortunately, her skin started to revert back to its state before the laser and light treatments she was receiving in Asia. As my grandmother used to say, “There’s nothing like your own.” And, so, Yen collaborated with medical professionals and laser experts to launch Skin Laundry! Um, thank you!!

Launched in 2013, Skin Laundry has locations in California, New York, Arizona, London, and Hong Kong.

Can us Philadelphians get a Skin Laundry?! I love traveling to New York in the Flat Iron district to go to Skin Laundry but it’ll also be nice to have one at home! Just putting in my bid. haha

P.S. Make sure you read to the end because I’m displaying my facial transformation since going to Skin Laundry.

Why I Get My Face Lasered at Skin Laundry |


I’ve been battling acne since I was about 14 years old. As an adult in her 30s, I’m more so dealing with scaring and small bumps than full on acne. Nevertheless, my skin needs some serious attention! I’ve tried so many products in the past to ‘cure’ me of acne but I eventually just outgrew it but there are battle scars.

I’ve use over-the-counter products. I’ve used high-end products. I’ve seen a doctor.

Eventually, I got tired.

Eventually, I looked in the mirror less.

Eventually, I gave up.

I would see little or slow paced results from the various products I tried. Meanwhile, I’m using concealer and foundation like it’s nobody’s business.  I don’t have a problem with concealer and foundation, but somedays I don’t feel like wearing makeup. I also didn’t want to look like I didn’t care about the condition of my face.

I cared.

I was just out of options.

And, yes, I drank water. Also, as a child, my mom wouldn’t allow me to eat junk food. So, I was not loading up on greasy and unhealthy foods.

I just carried on.

Why I Get My Face Lasered at Skin Laundry |

Why I Get My Face Lasered at Skin Laundry |


Before I tell you about my friend who, seemingly randomly, suggested that we go to Skin Laundry, I want to tell you that years, yes years, had gone by from the time I practically gave up on my face to the time we started going to Skin Laundry. I started using facial products again about a year ago, but as I mentioned above, the results were slow paced.

One day while eating lunch, my friend suggested that we go to this place in New York called Skin Laundry. She said that they do laser treatments and the women faces look amazing after a few weeks.

Why I Get My Face Lasered at Skin Laundry |

Okay. I’m willing to try almost anything once. I want to put emphasis on the ‘almost’  because I came close to eating crickets in Mexico City but backed out after I saw a leg hanging out of my friend’s mouth. Okay Anddd we’re done. ha

So, we go to Skin Laundry in the Flat Iron district. I love New York. It’s my second home. So, she really didn’t have to twist my arm to go. We live in Philly so it’s a nice drive up.

What we decided to do was to make it a lady’s trip to Skin Laundry. Our first trip to Skin Laundry, we ate at Il Crudo in Eataly, a sit-down restaurant in a setting that reminds me of Reading Terminal Market in Philly. We had rosé and a cheese, prosciutto, peaches spread.

Why I Get My Face Lasered at Skin Laundry |

Now every time we go to Skin Laundry, we pick a restaurant to eat at afterward. We make it an event by doing the following:

  1. Before we leave Philly, we hit up Starbucks for a to go drink.
  2. Go to Skin Laundry.
  3. Go to Antropologie.
  4. Go to eat and admire our luminous faces.
  5. Go home and relax.

Why I Get My Face Lasered at Skin Laundry |


The Skin Laundry process is a friendly and exciting experience. Going there is like a breath of fresh air. I purposely didn’t do too much research before my first trip to Skin Laundry because I wanted to go there with a clear mind, no worries or what ifs.

The first session is free and you should arrive makeup free. I know it’s a little OMGTIAWHY. They are going to make you take it off anyway by giving you a complimentary facial wipe so why spend time putting on makeup just to take it off so soon?

You will review a document on an iPad that will review the process in detail and health, among other concerns.

When you go in one of the rooms, a certified skincare professional explains to you why you are getting the treatment (laser as opposed to laser + light treatment), goes over your facial goals, etc. I only get the laser treatment due to my skin pigmentation. My goals are to have a face free of blemishes, bumps, and visible pores.

You lay on the table and the 15-minute process begins. Afterward, the assistant comes in to wipe your face, help you up, and escort you out to the sitting area.

Why I Get My Face Lasered at Skin Laundry |


Why I Get My Face Lasered at Skin Laundry |

As recommended by the certified skincare professional, my friend and I were going to Skin Laundry once a week. Then we began going bi-weekly. Keep in mind that everyone starts at different levels. So, you may feel better going once a week and never go bi-weekly. And, that’s okay. Whatever works for you.

I wanted to see the power of the Skin Laundry treatments and products. So, for the first month, remember I was going once a week at this time, I used nothing but Skin Laundry products on my face. As directed by the certified skincare professional, I used the gentle foaming face wash and the brightening serum with glycolic acid daily. The transformation was incredible, see below pictures of my first 90 days.

Skin Laundry Results: Before & After |


Just as I expressed in my previous post, Braces After 30, the confidence I gained from improving myself wasn’t from a deep seeded need to be like so-in-so in the media. I wanted to improve myself for myself. I saw something that I didn’t like and wanted to change it. So the first benefit is being more confident in walking outside without makeup.

I know some people may think oh you should be okay in your skin no matter what. Okay. Let’s be honest here. I’m going to be honest for myself. I would like my skin to be one-tone aka no scaring or blemishes. I would like my skin to be sans bumps. I would like my skin to be tight and radiant. That’s what I want.

Benefits I experienced since receiving face laser treatments:

  1. Quick fading of scars
  2. Reduced bumps
  3. Radiant skin
  4. Firm but smooth skin
  5. Deep cleansing of the face

There’s always the psychological benefits too. I just feel better knowing that I invested more into my wellbeing, only this time it’s the outer self that I’m directing my attention toward. And, guess what? That’s okay.

PSA here for my Spiritual Trailblazers, don’t let anyone make you feel vain or silly for wanting to improve your outer appearance. Just because you’re on your spiritual path doesn’t mean you can’t focus on the physical.


  • There are long-term benefits. According to the Skin Laundry website, here are the long-term benefits of receiving their services:
    • Stimulates Collagen and Elastin Production for Firmer Skin
    • Reduces the Visible Appearance of Pores
    • Evens Skin Tone and Texture
    • Reduces Hyperpigmentation and Melasma
    • Clears acne and helps prevent future breakouts.
    • Reduces Overall Redness
    • Reduces Visible Scarring From Acne Lesions and Cysts.
    • Diminishes Visible Broken Capillaries
  • It’s reasonably priced. The single laser treatment is $65. However, you can purchase bundle packages. I purchased the $180 that is for 3 sessions and you can schedule those sessions at any time.
  • You will feel a little sting. A common question I get asked is if it hurts. My tattoos were more painful. It’s just the initial shock of omg there’s a laser on my face that you need to get over and then you’re good!
  • Their other products are good. In addition to using the gentle foaming face wash ($20) and the brightening serum with glycolic acid ($50), I also use the 3-in-1 cleansing oil ($30). The cleansing oil is great to use for getting rid of makeup. I use that before the gentle foaming face wash and put on the brightening serum with glycolic acid last. Each product last for months.

Have you visited Skin Laundry? What’s your facial cleansing regimen? Let me know in the comments below.

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