If we ever want to understand our actions, thoughts, and situations we experience, understanding and evaluating our chakras are a great start. Chakras, the spinning energetic wheels within us are connected to each other and need to be nurtured. In other words, if one chakra is “off”, then another chakra is also “off.” Our chakras give us insights into what is going on with us. For example, throat physical issues are almost always related to us not speaking up enough for ourselves or not being as expressive as we should be.

As a result, there is a block spiritually that shows up physically as an issue that needs to be removed, sometimes medically. For those reasons, and more, I’ve created a chakra post series as a resource for knowing, understanding, evaluating, and nurturing your chakras. This resource also includes correspondences like which organs, colors, crystals, and foods are related to the chakra. Use the below information to combine using what’s recommended and consciously think about your chakra as your doing so. You may even want to get a check-up on the glands and organs below.

The Chakras: Ear Chakra | Tia Johnson


Just above ears; however, it is associated with the throat and third eye chakras


Ear, also associated with the forehead and throat (Think of the ears, nose, and throat doctor)




Celestite, Phantom Quartz, Amber, Labradorite, Blue Kyanite, Selenite



The Chakras: Ear Chakra | Tia Johnson


Hearing on multiple levels: self, higher self, Spirit, guidance, constructive criticism, the truth, attention given to person speaking, communication

Malfunction Indicators

Not wanting to hear the truth, constructive criticism, or guidance. Not hearing a different perspective or paying attention to who you are speaking to. Constant miscommunications. Ear infections, vertigo, sensitivity to loud noises.

Ear Chakra Affirmation

I clearly hear and accept the truth. I clearly hear and accept constructive criticism and divine guidance. I am good at communicating with others. I hear and understand others. I hear what my body is telling me.

Proactive Ways To Keep The Ear Chakra Balanced

Listen first, speak later when appropriate. Clean ears regularly. Listening to music. Humming.

The Chakras: Ear Chakra | Tia Johnson

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