If we ever want to understand our actions, thoughts, and situations we experience, understanding and evaluating our chakras are a great start. Chakras, the spinning energetic wheels within us are connected to each other and need to be nurtured. In other words, if one chakra is “off”, then another chakra is also “off.” Our chakras give us insights into what is going on with us. For example, throat physical issues are almost always related to us not speaking up enough for ourselves or not being as expressive as we should be.

As a result, there is a block spiritually that shows up physically as an issue that needs to be removed, sometimes medically. For those reasons, and more, I’ve created a chakra post series as a resource for knowing, understanding, evaluating, and nurturing your chakras. This resource also includes correspondences like which organs, colors, crystals, and foods are related to the chakra. Use the below information to combine using what’s recommended and consciously think about your chakra as your doing so. You may even want to get a check-up on the glands and organs below.

The Chakras: Third Eye Chakra | Tia Johnson


Above and between the eyes, center of the forehead


Pituitary gland, left eye, nose, ears


Indigo blue with gold, white, purple


Lapis lazuli, azurite, sodalite, quartz crystal, sapphire, amethyst




purple, indigo, blue-colored foods, chia seeds, foods beneficial to the glands and organs




Intuition, inspiration, clarity, trust the insight and intuition, see the bigger picture, imagination heighten perception, concentration, soul realization, dream recall, vivid dreams

Malfunction Indicators

Lacking trust in your intuition, inability to use imagination, constantly only looking linear and logical, constant nightmares, tension headache, migraine, visual problems, sinusitis

The Chakras: Third Eye Chakra | Tia Johnson

Third Eye Chakra Affirmation

I am a visionary and I trust the visions I receive. I recall my dreams in its entirety and remember the messages of my dreams. I see the bigger picture in situations. I understand the symbolic language of Spirit through my visions.

Proactive Ways To Keep The Third Eye Chakra Balanced

Practice being clairvoyant. Write down your dreams in a book and reflect on your dreams. Entertain your imagination. Guided visualization meditation. Visualization techniques for manifestation.

The Chakras: Third Eye Chakra | Tia Johnson

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