The Charge of The Goddess is a centuries-old time-honored speech that is normally read at the beginning of Wiccan ritual by a Hight Priestess who is speaking on behalf of the Goddess. I place this version at the end of my first book, To Be Goddess: Every Woman Is A Goddess Discover The Domain In Which You Reign Supreme, to symbolize the beginning of one’s new life working alongside the goddess. Let this Charge of The Goddess symbolize the end of the old you that you are leaving in 2020 and embracing the new you that is showing up in 2021.

While reciting The Charge of The Goddess, we learn the ancient ways, such as the ideal time to meet with the goddess. Furthermore, The Charge of The Goddess explains that when we celebrate the goddess we are no longer entrapped by the laws of society; and, as a result, she will teach us her esoteric mysteries.

The Charge Of the Goddess | Tia Johnson

Getting Ready

You can create a personal ritual in preparation for saying The Charge of The Goddess by incorporating some of the following:

  • Taking a shower
  • Wearing comfortable clothes
  • Drinking water and appetizers
  • Lighting candles or incense
  • Creating an altar
  • Draw one oracle card
  • Casting a circle
  • Taking deep breaths
  • Ground yourself
  • Begin

The Charge Of the Goddess | Tia Johnson


Listen to the words of the Great Goddess, who in ancient times was named Artemis, Diana, Astarte, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, Cerridwen, the Morigu, Freyja, the White Lady, and many other names.

Whenever you have need of My aid, assemble in the secret place at least once a month, especially at the Full Moon. Know that My laws and love shall make you free, for no man can prevent your worship of Me in your mind and heart. Listened well and when you come into My presence, and I shall teach you of the mysteries, ancient and powerful. I required no sacrifices or pain of your bodies, for I am Mother of all things, the Creatures who made you out of My love, and the One who endures through all time.

I am the One who is the beauty of the Earth, the green of growing things. I am the white Moon whose light is full among the stars, soft upon the Earth. From Me all things are born to Me all things, in their season, return. Let My joyous worship be in your hearts, for all acts of love and pleasure are  My rituals. You see Me in the love of man and woman, the love of parent and child, the love of humans to all My creations. When you create with your hands, I am there. I blow the breath of life into the seeds you plant, whether of plant or child. Always I stand beside you, whispering soft words of wisdom and guidance.

All seekers of the Mysteries must come to Me, for I am the True Source, the Keeper of the Cauldron. All who seek to know Me, know this. All your seeking and yearning will avail you nothing unless you know the Mystery: for if what you seek you find not within, you will never find it without. For behold, I have been with you from the beginning, and I will gather you to My breast at the end of your earthly existence.

Reference: Moon Magick by D.J. Conway

The Charge Of the Goddess | Tia Johnson

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