The holiday season is here and now more than ever we need to take care of ourselves to avoid being overwhelmed, among other things. While this self-care recipe was created for the holiday season, you can use it at any time. Similar to when you have a craving for sweet potato pie or apple crisps but it’s the middle of July so you just make it anyway. Yeah, it’s like that. The best thing about this recipe is that it’s easy to implement, you don’t have to worry about overcooking it, and you’ll have fun in the process, especially when you receive the favorable results. 






In a previous blog post, Work With These 3 Archangels For Transformation & Healing, I suggested to work with archangels Michael, Raphael, and Uriel. For this recipe, I’m suggesting to swap out archangel Uriel for Jophiel. 

 Archangel Jophiel is the archangel that will help us with staying positive and maintaining beautiful thoughts. Her name means beauty of God. 

 Archangel Michael is the chief protector angel. He will help us to stay grounded and protect us. 

 Archangel Raphael is the chief healing angel. He will help us to heal family and other concerns that cause us angst. 

Connect with each archangel via meditation or just taking several deep breaths while saying their name, it’s safe. Then ask them for protection, healing, and guidance. Also note that working with the archangels is not a substitute for being proactive, mindful, and using common sense. We work with the archangels.



Crystals are like your wingman. They give you that boost you need to accomplish tasks. In the blog post, Use These Crystals To Raise Your Vibration & Attract What You Truly Want, I recommended using 7 crystals. I’m only recommending three in this recipe: the celestite, malachite, and clear quartz. 

The celestite, like all crystals, has many functions. The main reasons why I picked the celestite is because it helps with easing worry, promoting a harmonious environment, and it heals muscle tension. 

The malachite will cleanse our emotions as well as help us to keep our blood pressure and asthma in check. Another cool trait about the malachite is that it will address outdated belief systems. Do you lead your life in a different way and people make suggestions to you about lifestyle aka trying to put you in a cookie cutter box they think you should be in? Let the malachite’s energy help you in this department. 

Lastly, the clear quartz is the strongest crystal and it’s a great amplifier. So be cautious of your thoughts and emotions because that is what will be magnified. On the other hand, if you want to magnify the energy of having a good ole time, it will do that as well. 

All of these crystals are great to use during this time of the year, especially when you’re not looking forward towards certain things like the questions you know people will be asking you at the dinner table with no filter. You can use the crystals by syncing your energy to them via holding them and stating how you want it to work for you and then carry it around in your bra or pocket or as a form of jewelry. Also, note that crystals are not a replacement for your medication, they are an add-on for further help. 


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Affirmations will keep you on track and help you to relax. For example, I request that my angels arrive at a place before I do and make the environment fun, good, harmonious, etc. So I would say, “Angels, I send you before me to (__fill in the blank__) please make it (__fill in the blank__). Thank you.” Then I take a deep breath and trust the process. You can call on your angels to help you in the very same manner.

BTW, everyone gets assigned two guardian angels at birth. Want to know their names? Simply ask by saying, “Guardian angels, what are your names?” Then be open to the responses you receive first. I did this one day and the TV was on but the show went to a commercial and in that commercial, a guy’s name was mentioned. BOOM. 


Would you like to know the theme of the day or a heads up about the gathering you’re going to? Pull one oracle card for insight. Sometimes, you will have to pull one more card for further understanding. Nevertheless, pulling oracle cards is a great way to help you prepare for the day, especially if you are feeling a little off or just don’t want to go to the get-together. 


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Light a seasonal candle and meditate. I usually buy a candle that has some berry element in it and makes me think of Fall or the Yule time. I also use peppermint scented candles because it really makes me think of Christmas and The Nutcracker! Meditate by looking into the flame and cleanse your mind. Just focus on the flame and be mindful of the thoughts and feelings that arise. Later reflect on those thoughts and feelings. You may want to have a book and pen handy. 


Make your favorite drink and have a mental time out. 

What part of this recipe is your favorite? Will you be implementing all or some during this holiday season? What would you add to the recipe?


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