How cool would it be if someone gave us a care package for life overall and then at the milestones? Something like a here’s a “Welcome to your 30s care package” and in the package was information about health, more financial information, a list of healthy places to order from on Postmates, and a get out of jail free card that allows you to escape adulthood for once a month.  You know. Something like that would be nice.

While I gave my best friend a gag “Welcome to your 30s” care package that included popcorn (to keep life savory), a Victoria Secret’s gift card (to keep life sexy), and holy water (to keep known and unknown haters at bay), we can make a self-care package that really addresses our needs and we will be able to reap the benefits of it for years to come.

Below is a list of must-haves that I have used and recommended to others that have resulted in various favorable outcomes like gaining confidence, peace of mind, and cleansing your space.

The Spiritual Self-Care Package | Tia Johnson

1. God Box

The God box is like a cross between a time capsule and a treasure box. The God box is a box you use to help you manifest what you want. It’s a cool way to release what you want so you’re not obsessing over it. So what you do is find a box (it can even be a shoe box), decorate it if you want or buy one that’s already decorated, and put pictures, notes, crystals, and trinkets in there that represent what you want to attract. You have created a sacred space for manifestation. You also look at what’s in the box from time to time and reflect.

2. Smudge Stick

A great way to cleanse the home and add a nice scent in the process. Smudge sticks are a group of herbs wrapped together in a rope that when burned gives off a scent and cleanses an environment. Walk around your home with the intention to cleanse it while holding the smudge stick. Make sure that you hold the stick in the corners of the home, apartment, car, or office because the corners are where energy gets trapped and stagnant.

3. Your Main Crystal

It can be hard to pick just one crystal to rule in all but try to pick a main crystal that resonates with you the most and spend time meditating with that crystal. You can change up your main crystal every few months. Crystals are great tools to use for boosting our energy, promoting healing and a teachable moment. Crystals can also help with our dreams and communications. The list goes on and on.

The Spiritual Self-Care Package | Tia Johnson

4. An Altar

Similar to a God box, the altar is a sacred place where energy and intention is held. The difference here is that the altar is more out in the open and may be set up in some type of pattern like a crystal grid. An altar is a great visual tool to use for a myriad of reasons that include healing and intention setting. Meditating by your altar or just taking a moment to focus on what you have on your altar will help you to attract what you want in your life and also help you to receive your next proactive steps for that attraction.

5.  A Go-To Source of Inspiration and Motivation

From time to time, we need that quick go-to source for motivation. Other times, we just need a pep talk and kind reminders. This is where our go-to source for inspiration and motivation come in because being inspired and motivated isn’t sustainable alone. Do you have go-to YouTube videos, podcasts, and Instagram accounts? Start following inspirational people because they tend to post the right message at the right time.

6.  A Journal

Get out of your head and write it in your journal! Whether it’s a travel journal, manifestation journal, or a whatever journal, it’s best to get those dreams and other big ideas down on paper. This is a great process because writing makes that big scary dream more real and when you do achieve that goal you can look back and proud of yourself! Also, you can write yourself into creating a book or a blog! You’ll find that you have a story to tell. You can be someone’s inspiration!

The Spiritual Self-Care Package | Tia Johnson

7.  Favorite Set of Comfortable Clothes

Self-care involves a certain level of being comfortable. There’s nothing like coming home and changing into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. Have some go-to clothes that help you switch gears from the day’s events and into a more comfortable and relaxed you. 

8.  Multiple Playlists

Music is a form of healing. Music is also great for boosting creativity and our overall mood. As a matter of fact, as I’m typing this post, Janet Jackson’s song If is playing. It’s one of my favorite songs! I actually want to start dancing now! But that’s my point. Part of self-care is moving, being active, and all that jazz. Play music while you’re working out at the gym and I guarantee you that you’ll last longer. Music hypes us up! Consciously create a playlist to solely dance to, workout playlist, meditation playlist, road trip playlist, morning playlist, and cooking playlist.

You can create the list on your phone, in Pandora, etc. My friend tunes to the French cafe station on Pandora when she’s cooking. My mom listens to various stations like Bobby Brown’s favorite or the R&B channel.

9.  Non-Negotiable Time Dedicated to Self

You have the right to have time to yourself. You have the right to do things just for you. You have the right to enjoy you time without guilt. You have the right to do whatever you want during your time. This is your time to recharge and just be you. You want to do nothing and chill at home? Cool. You want to grab a few drinks with the ladies? Cool. You want to go to a meet up with other entrepreneurs? Cool. If you can’t be sporadic with your me time, then schedule it and put everyone in your home on notice that you are not to be disturbed unless it’s a true blue emergency.

The Spiritual Self-Care Package | Tia Johnson

10. Crystal Salt Lamp

Crystal salt lamps enhance the environment by emitting negative ions that combat the electromagnetic radiation that our computers, TVs, and phone emit. Crystal salt lamps also purify the air, promotes relaxation, and elevates our mood. Need any more reasons to get a crystal salt lamp?!

11. A Little Something for The Senses

One day, I woke up to the beautiful and delicate smell of tulips. It was a settle scent but it was nice to wake up to that. I was grateful to have experienced that. Some scents like lavender help us to ease into sleep and other scents like orange or lemon give a sense of vigor. What scents can you add in your house and car that will make you feel calm and in a state of gratitude?

12. Albums to Help You Remember the Good Times and Your Accomplishments

We all need reminders of our greatness and of the good times. It’s natural. Sometimes things don’t pan out the way we want them to and so we second guess ourselves or the process. Other times, it’s just nice to reminisce. Create a digital album or a physical photo album of vacations, dinners, and other candid pictures. Gather emails, notes, texts, certificates, etc and put them in a shadow box.

The Spiritual Self-Care Package | Tia Johnson

What part of this self-care package will you implement this week?

Let me know in the comments below!


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