When we think about it, Spirit is like an old friend with whom we have developed a secret handshake. While the language of Spirit is symbolic, it’s two-fold. For example, Spirit will send messages via feathers, repetitive numbers, or conversations we overhear. Other times, it’s unique to us, like when our favorite song just happens to play on the radio when we are feeling down or we see a sign that tells us to hang in there.

The more we can understand how Spirit communicates with us the better we can understand the messages and differentiate when it’s Spirit communicating or if it’s just a sign for you to buy a product.

Understand The Language Of Spirit Like A #Spiritualbadass

1. How do you feel when you see a sign, symbol, or repetitive numbers?

Remember the movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer with Donald Sutherland and Kristy Swanson? Remember when Donald Sutherland explained to Kristy that her camps will tell her when danger aka a vampire is near? Well receiving a sign from Spirit creates a jolt-like feeling in our stomachs, chests, or both, which is in relation to our chakras. See my blog post, How To Align Your Chakras For Purposeful Living for more information about your chakras. That’s one sure fire way to tell the difference between you just seeing an ad and Spirit sending you a spiritual text message!

2. What’s unique to you?

What’s your happy song? What’s your favorite flower, color, or symbol? My happy song is from the 80s and now it doesn’t get played so much in establishments or on the radio. But when it does it get played I know that it’s not common so I need to play attention when it does happen. The same goes for the songs that my Pop-Pop and I claimed. I know when those songs play it’s a message from him. Take note on how you’re really feeling at the time that thing showed up. You were you hanging with and what were you doing.

3. What are you seeing more of as of late, that you’re not really focusing on?

Earlier in this post, I mentioned repetitive numbers. This also applies to seeing things repeatedly. For example, for about three weeks straight I’ve been seeing sunflowers everywhere…everywhere. They were in my dreams last night. I wasn’t looking for a sunflower. I say this because when we focus on something, that tends to be all we see. This isn’t the case. I think sunflowers look weird! I wouldn’t consciously seek them out. This is a sign from Spirit. So, naturally, I looked up the meaning of sunflowers. What are you seeing more of in your life that you haven’t been actively seeking? Make a note of it, check various sources to ascertain what that means, and to see which definition resonates with you.

Understand The Language Of Spirit Like A #Spiritualbadass

4. Universal definition v. cultural definition v. your definition

In terms of symbolic language, there are some universal definitions that are understood by all, such as the definition of the mother archetype. Some words associated with mother are nurturing and protective. Then there’s the cultural definition of things, such as a white rose. In some cultures, a white rose means innocence and in other cultures it symbolizes forgiveness. Lastly, your personal definition. A white rose may symbolize a flower your grandmother used to give you and she’s sending you a message from heaven. Read as often as you can about symbols and their meanings to help you get a better idea of the message.

5. Ask for a sign and forgetaboutit

In my South Philly accent, forgetaboutit. Story time! I needed some guidance about the next steps in my business. Being in my natural form, I was impatient and frustrated. So, I said to the universe, “Elders, the universe, goddesses, please send me a sign that I am to stay on this track. Please send me a shiny red apple.” I said that and didn’t go looking for a shiny red apple. I didn’t “casually” go to Whole Foods and “causally” go to the produce aisle and became “shocked” when I saw a shiny red apple. I put in a request and let it go. At the end of each day, I would make a note that I didn’t see a shiny red apple. However, on the third day (seemingly out of nowhere) my friend tells a mutual friend, “Hey, do you want this red apple? I can’t eat it. I usually eat all my food but I can’t today.” WHATTT?! The apple was shiny and it was behind her lunch bag so I didn’t see it which is why it looked like it came out of nowhere. I also had that “jolt” feeling. So, put in a request, let it go, and be delightfully surprised when your request is answered!

How do you communicate with Spirit? Has one or more of the above happened to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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